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The Consult: Cigarettes Are Not Candy And Other News From Around The Web

Nicotine Delites? We've heard of candy cigarettes, but this is ridiculous. RJ Reynolds is introducing a tobacco-based mint for adults (because grown-up loooove candy) sold in shiny packaging. It makes business sense for tobacco companies to try and branch out to smokeless products now that it's illegal to light up at so many bars and restaurants, but candy? Come on. When your product makes Camel Snus look like a good idea, it's time to fire your development team. (

World Health Organization About To Declare Swine Flu A Pandemic Again. For real this time. (Reuters)

Dirty Gels: The Food and Drug Administration warns that antibacterial agents made by a company called Clarcon are... wait for it... FULL OF BACTERIA. The irony is delicious; the potential skin infections not so much. Clarcon provides products for industrial use, so keep an eye out at your workplace for skin protectors and hand sanitizers with brand names like CitruShield, Dermassentials, Magic Touch, and Pure Effect. (Consumer Reports)

RX Rip-offs Remember that time on Sex and The City where Samantha bought fake Fendi and someone ended up stealing her identity, and she got kicked out of the Playboy mansion? This is kind of the same, thing except instead of fake handbags, it's fake pharmaceuticals, and instead of public humiliation, people are dying: worldwide, Pfizer has reported a 30 percent increase in seizure of counterfeit prescription drugs, In Africa and East Asia, up to 67 percent of chloroquine tablets for malaria prevention failed quality checks. (Science Based Medicine)

The Consult: Cigarettes Are Not Candy And Other News From Around The Web | News