The Consult: Easing Into Monday, And Other News From The Web

A Woman's Victorious Tale of Cancer Survival: A nice read for those of you (like me) moving a little slowly this morning. No need to rush into the work week head on! (Pharmablog)

Tickling Gorillas: Will be the name of the house band. It's also part of a process scientists are using to categorize human laughter. This is old news to fans of public radio, since it was featured on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me this weekend, but if you want more of the science behind punchlines, check out this very interesting (and only slightly nerdy) post. (Scienceblogs)

The Science Behind Science:A week after Sharon Begely wrote her great piece on gender inequity in math, Slate examines a study on creating parity between men and women in science: hire more female science teachers.

When a female instructor was put at the front of the classroom, nearly two-thirds of the grade point gender gap evaporated. (It was also the case that men performed better when taught by other men, but the difference was far less substantial.) The authors persuasively demonstrate that the overall male-female performance difference is due in large part to the fact that men dominate the Air Force Academy science faculty (as is the case in most schools), with only 23 percent of courses taught by women. (Slate)

The Least Tragic Consequence of Dr. Tiller's Murder Now that many Kansas clinics have been shut down, anti-abortion protestors are bored. (

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