The Consult: Fruit for Free, And Other News From Around The Web

Just Do It, Already: Rates of colorectal cancer are up in 27 of 51 countries worldwide between 1983 and 2002. A new study shows that the increase in cancer rates is likely due to an increase in Western diet and lifestyle habits across the globe. Since most of this blog's readers probably already have Western lifestyle habits, this is a good chance to remind those over 50 to schedule that colonoscopy. (Eurekalert)

Peaches for Free And plums, and lemons, and cherries. The New York Time on the joys of urban fruit scavaging. It's delicous, it's economically sound, and it cuts down on that gross "fruit rotting on the street" period that will happen in a few months. (

A New Pregnancy Test A company claims their at-home test can determine the sex of a fetus after only 10 weeks gestation. Why are families to eager to find out? And will this lead to rampant gender selection? Some people are already wringing their hands in fear, but I really doubt an expectant American mother would terminate a pregnancy because she really wanted to paint the nursey blue -- and anyone likely to do so for cultural or societal reasons will find a way, without the aid of semi-accurate novelty test. (

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