The Consult: Is Obesity a Disorder, and Other News From Around The Web.

Is obesity a disability? Advocacy groups want to classify obesity as a disability; doctors think it will prevent them from discussing obesity with their patients. At the same time, overweight patients often find that, like women in menopause, their size becomes a blinding factor to any other potential medical problem. Knee problems? Lose weight. Chest pain? Lose weight. Bleeding from the eyeballs? Lose weight. There's got to be a happy medium... (MSNBC)

Failing the Smell Test Popular over-the-counter cold reliever Zicam may ruin your sense of smell. The FDA warned that 130 people had reported temporary or permanent damage to their sense of smell attributed to Zicam use. Good news, bad news, all: the bad news is that there's really nothing out there to treat a cold. It's something you just have to suffer through. Good news: I just saved you a lot of money on useless OTC meds, and am giving you full permission to eat some ice cream instead. (US News)

Are cupcakes evil? Via Gawker, a story of a woman determined to keep junk food out of her children's sticky (with carob chips, we assume) little hands by any means necessary. Also, she thinks Santa is fat. Is she a visionary, a helicopter parent, or just kind of a pain in the neck? And don't parents have the right to control their kid's diet and nutrition, even if the general consensus is that a slice of birthday cake now and then won't kill you? (Gawker)

Morning Video Transition: While you're waiting for the coffee to kick in, check out this video of a teenager with a movement disorder that caused uncontrollable twitching, both before and after brain surgery. (Mayo Clinic)

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