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When Is A Donor Kidney Not a Donor Kidney? When it comes from the body of a convicted killer. A very small British study showed people were strongly wary of organ transplants if the donor had questionable morals (or no morals, in the case of a murderer). The students polled were much more likely to prefer donors who were good people. No word on how those scores would change were the students polled in dire need of an organ transplant. (BBC)

Shake It, Don't Break It A Jamaican dance craze called "daggering" may be inspiring more aggressive bedroom behavior—at least, that's what doctors trying to explain the recent spate of broken penises surmise. "Daggering" invovles what officials call the "public simulation of various sex acts and positions." They blame the tripled rate of broken penis injuries on daggering gone to far: rough sex acts inspired by the dance inspired by the sex acts. ( via Slog)

Do They Grow on Crunch Trees or A Crunch Bush? A judge rules that a woman can't sue Quaker Oats for false advertising, as no reasonable customer would assume the Crunchberries found in Cap'n Crunch are actual fruit. (Consumerist)

Everything in Moderation Today is national doughnut day, which means participating retailers will give away free doughnuts: Krispy Kreme, doughnut purists, will give away one per customer, while Dunkin' Donuts will give a free treat with the purchase of any beverage. Local retailers may be participating as well, but a very brief google search has been unable to find a comprehensive city-by-city guide. Any aspiring web entrepreneurs wish to step up? For now, a link to an interactive Doughnut Day quiz from southern chain Lamar's. (Lamars)

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