Conventional Wisdom

Harry Truman: "The buck stops here." The Bushies say, "Let's not play the blame game."



Bush        -   Turned FEMA over to political 

            cronies then had his flunkies 

            blame local Dems.  


Cheney      -   Finally emerges from Wyoming 

            hideaway to be greeted by citizen 

            with "go f--- yourself." Ouch.  


Brown       -   Former Arabian-horse honcho 

            and resume padder sent packing. 

            Heck of a job, Brownie.  


J. Roberts      +   Next chief justice young enough 

            to cast deciding vote to make 

            Geo. P. Bush prez in 2036.  


B. Williams     +   NBC anchor earns stripes with 

            balance of news, passion. 

            Hon. mention: CNN's Jack Cafferty. 


Ahnold      -   Former gay-rights defender backs 

            down on same-sex marriage. 

            There goes girly-man vote.