Angry Ohio Couple Allegedly Gave Laxative-laced Cookies to Striking School Workers: 'Our Kids Could Have Eaten Those'

Police suspect an Uhrichsville, Ohio couple gave striking school workers laxative-tainted cookies after becoming frustrated by the honking of passing cars.

Officials charged Bo Cosens, 29, and Rachel Sharrock, 25, with contaminating a substance for human consumption, complicity, permitting drug abuse and disorderly conduct, News 5 Cleveland reported.

Staff from Claymont City Schools have been picketing and marching in Uhrichsville In recent weeks over wage and insurance concerns. According to their union, the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE), some marches have attracted hundreds of members. Picketers have been demonstrating near the couple's home for roughly three weeks.

Police said the sound of drivers honking their car horns in support of the striking workers was affecting the couple's sleep. Uhrichsville police chief Vince Beal told News 5 Cleveland: "[Cosens] said his dog barks every time somebody honks their horn so he wasn't able to get any sleep."

Cosens had taken to social media to complain about disruption from the demonstrating workers. According to Beal, one video featuring the pair shows them mixing what appear to be crushed laxative tablets into cookie batter.

A tip about one of the videos from Cosen's Facebook account caught the attention of police. The clip suggested he planned to shoot the employees, Beal told News 5.

Other union members have been donating food and money to the striking workers, OAPSE reported on its Facebook page. Picketers believed the potentially tainted cookies were a similar gesture of support, as Tribune Media reported. Luckily nobody ate the potentially contaminated baked goods. Police now plan on testing the cookies, Beal told News 5.

Striking school secretary Shannon Tarbert told Tribune: "We are a very close community and it's sad to me that somebody would be that angry about something like this, that they try to hurt somebody...One of our kids could have eaten those cookies and that's what's scary."

Authorities are holding Cosens and Sharrock on a bond of $1 million, the outlet reported. The pair are due to attend court on April 18.

In other cookie crime news, two thieves allegedly snatched $1,000 in cash and checks from a group of New Jersey Girl Scouts selling cookies back in January. Their troop leader, Jessica Medina, 38, said: "We were shocked and devastated...The girls had worked so hard. Everybody was crying."

Angry Ohio Couple Allegedly Gave Laxative-laced Cookies to Striking School Workers: 'Our Kids Could Have Eaten Those' | U.S.