Cop Who Tased Black Georgia Woman in Viral TikTok Placed on Desk Duty

A Georgia police officer was recently placed on desk duty after a viral TikTok video showed him using a Taser gun on a Black woman during an arrest.

"An investigation into this incident is being conducted," the Gwinnett County Police Department in Georgia wrote in a statement. "The officer has been placed in an administrative role pending the outcome of the internal investigation."

The video that has went viral across social media, shows the events that led to the officer using a Taser on 22-year-old Kyndesia Smith.

As the video begins, Smith and the officer are engaged in a heated argument, with Smith saying, "You're on our property, we did not call you." In response, the officer asks Smith, "Do you want to go to jail?"

"I'm not going anywhere," Smith told the officer.

The officer then tells Smith that she is under arrest and attempts to grab her as she moves away. The officer is able to pull Smith out from behind a chair and tells her to get on the ground as he pulls out his Taser gun.

Shortly after, the officer shoots Smith with his Taser gun, and she can be seen falling into nearby bushes. As she lay in the bushes after being stunned, the officer threatens to use the gun again if she doesn't turn over and put her hands behind her back, and the video ends a few seconds later.

According to the press release issued by the Gwinnett County Police Department, on Tuesday, August 18, the department received a 911 call "in reference to property damage on the 1800 block of Summit Creek Way in Loganville."

"When the officer arrived, he was informed by the complainant that two people had thrown a bottle at her car. She also said the people threatened to assault her and beat her 9 year old child," the release says, adding that surveillance video captured the bottle being thrown.

The release then states that when the officer arrived, he recognized the woman on the front porch, who was identified as Smith, as the same person seen in the surveillance video.

A Baltimore police officer aims his Taser at a demonstrator outside the Mondawmin Mall following the funeral of Freddie Gray April 27, 2015 in Baltimore. On Thursday, August 20, the Gwinnett County Police Department in Georgia announced that an officer had been placed in an administrative role after a viral TikTok video showed him shocking a Black woman with his Taser. Chip Somodevilla/Getty

According to the department, the officer then tried to speak with Smith about the incident, but he was unable to as she began yelling at him.

Authorities wrote in the release that after telling Smith she was under arrest, she continued to resist and refused to be placed in handcuffs.

"After she resisted the officer's commands tased and placed in handcuffs. After she was placed in handcuffs she kicked the officer and continued to be uncooperative," the release says.

While speaking with WSB-TV 2 news in Atlanta, Smith's mother, Aytra Thomas, stated that she thinks the department should punish the officer further and fire him.

"He should get fired because he needs more training," Thomas WSB-TV 2 "Her side where the Taser went at is messed up. Her neck, her back, my shoulder. It ain't have to go that way. It could have gone a whole other way."

Newsweek reached out to the Gwinnett County Police Department for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.