Cops Armed With AR-15s Bust Down Man's Door Searching For 'Hispanic' Suspect

A Topeka, Kansas man says armed Topeka Police Department officers busted his apartment door down and handcuffed him because he matched a description of a 'Hispanic' suspect. Topeka Police Department

A man in Topeka, Kansas, is demanding justice after police officers armed with AR-15s busted into his home searching for an armed suspect believed to be "Hispanic."

In a Facebook post sharing video of the incident, David Reynolds said he was simply washing his dog between classes in his apartment when police knocked at his door searching for a reported armed suspect. 

After Reynolds, who was in his underwear and wearing latex gloves, refused to speak with police, he said they busted open his door, pointing their AR-15 rifles at him. 

"I come home in between class to wash my dog," Reynolds wrote on Facebook. "And all of a sudden, I hear loud banging on my door. I ask who it is and get no answer, so I open my door and there are Topeka Police Department officers with AR-15 drawn and aimed at me, tell me to come outside, to which I answered 'f*** no' because one, I have done nothing wrong and two, I'm in my underwear because washing my dog gets messy."

"So, I slam my door. Then, they break it down, tell me to get on the ground and put me in handcuffs and drag me to my living room," Reynolds said. 

"Then, they tell me they got a call about a 'hispanic male with an AK-47,'" which Reynolds adds, "is not illegal to own if you're not a felon so even if I did have one, which I don't, it's not illegal to own." 

While Reynolds admits to police in the video that he is in fact a felon, he tells officers they had no way of knowing that and therefore would not have known whether he had a right to be in possession of an AK-47. 

In video of a standoff between Reynolds and police officers, one officer claims that police did not need a warrant to force their way into Reynolds' apartment because of the "exigent circumstances" surrounding the situation. 

Reynolds hits back however that police should have had a "full description" of the suspect in order for them to cite exigent circumstances, asserting that all officers had to go on was that the suspect was "Hispanic" and armed with an AK-47.

"Exigent circumstances requires what? A full description. All you guys had was a 'Hispanic male,'" Reynolds says in the video. 

"This is my house. I live here. You all just busted my door in and drew AR-15s on me for doing nothing more than washing my f***ing dog. I just got out of class," the man shouts. 

The Topeka Police Department has confirmed the incident in a Facebook post. 

The department said it received a call at around 11am on Wednesday about a male armed with a rifle.

“The caller told us they believed the male to be in a violent dispute with a female and was making threats to her,” police said. “The caller then specified the apartment this was taking place in. The caller then said they could hear banging on their door and walls and said they were afraid for their safety.”

When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they knocked on Reynolds' door. After Reynolds refused to speak with them, "officers forced entry," fearing for the female caller's safety."

"The purpose was to check and see if the female was injured or needing assistance,” police said. “In emergency situations such as this, officers are not required to have a search warrant if they have a reasonable belief that a person may be in immediate danger," police said. 

The department said Reynolds was released after officers searched the apartment, adding that the apartment manager of the building was "summoned to fix the apartment door" before officers left. 

Reynolds has said he is considering taking legal action over the incident, however, which he said could have cost him his life. "I did nothing wrong," Reynolds wrote. "And they broke down my door and almost killed me with no evidence that I've done anything wrong!"

In a later post, Reynolds said: "It comes down to simply wanting to be safe in my own home. I was washing my dog, in between classes. Are you telling me in no longer safe to do that in my own home? I should just bow down and obey to every badge that comes to my door waving and AR-15? Is this the world we live in?" Reynolds wrote. "I need answers. And im not going away until I get them."

The incident comes just days after white police officer Amber Guyger, 30, fatally shot her black neighbor, Botham Jean, a 26-year-old PwC accountant, after she mistook his apartment for her own.