Corey Feldman Shares Details of 'Stabbing,' Claims He Is Targeted by the 'Wolfpack'

Actor Corey Feldman has shared disturbing details of his reported stabbing on Tuesday night.

In a new interview with TMZ, the 46-year-old actor said that he was driving home when he noticed a car driving erratically and following him home. When he eventually stopped at a red light, a passenger of that car opened Feldman's car door, lunged in with a weapon in his hand and stabbed Feldman with what the actor describes as a sharp object, either a knife or a syringe.

In a video account, Feldman described the stab wound as "a very small punctuation [sic]—it was bleeding, but it was like a dot."

Feldman's security guard was present, and the actor was not seriously injured, though he did check into the hospital.

Feldman tweeted about the attack Wednesday morning, including photos of himself in the hospital:

The Los Angeles Police Department has said that Feldman has no injuries, but the actor's representative told the New York Post it's "not a hoax." The actor has claimed the LAPD is investigating it as an attempted homicide.

Feldman doesn't know why he was targeted. In a video, he claimed "there is a conspiracy" against him and suggests that he is being targeted for speaking out about being the victim of pedophilia and sexual abuse when he was a child actor during the 1980s. He also said he has been threatened by a group he calls the "Wolfpack."

As a young star, Feldman appeared in films like The Goonies and Stand by Me.

In recent months, the actor has become increasingly outspoken about child abuse and has expressed plans to crowdfund a film to expose pedophilia in Hollywood.

"People like to bring up the period when I was a kid, addicted to drugs and acting crazy or whatever," Feldman told Newsweek in November, shortly after the Harvey Weinstein allegations sparked a cultural conversation about abuse in Hollywood. "I was addicted because I had survived being molested, and I was in incredible pain."

Feldman has said in the past that he was frightened for his life after coming forward with child abuse allegations.

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