Corgi With Impressive Basketball Skills Is Amazing the Internet

A dog is a man's best friend, but as it turns out they can also make great basketball teammates.

Don't believe us? Well, one Corgi in Houston, Texas, has won many fans online due to her impressive talent for the sport.

Lilo, a six-year-old dog, was taught to shoot hoops by her owner Denny Ku, 29, during the coronavirus lockdowns, and now has a whopping 643,700 followers on TikTok, as well as surpassing 14.8 million likes.

In the videos posted by Ku to his account Aircorg we can see the pet hit a balloon into various baskets.

The idea to teach his dog trick shots came to Ku after he let her play with balloons because she could not mix with other dogs due to social distancing.

He told the Metro: "She used to go to daycare or chase the neighbors kid's dogs daily, but with social distancing it was pretty rough on her social time.

"So I think one day she took out her energy on a bunch of balloons and we saw the motion of hitting the balloon was similar to shooting a basketball and thought we give it a shot.

"We taught Lilo her trick shots ourselves. It's her favorite activity by far. Right when we get off work, she runs to the ball and lays there ready to go!"


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One of Lilo's recent successful videos, which can be watched here, was posted on September 10 and has already attracted more than 2.8 million views.

It shows the pet using her skill to predict the winners of the Week 1 NFL matches.

The dog is standing at the top of the stairs and hitting a balloon with her head into one of two baskets on the lower steps.

Each basket has a label on it that corresponds to the logo of a football team, and whichever basket a shot lands in is supposedly the pet's prediction of the team that will win.

Another video, which can be viewed here, was filmed on August 22 and shows Lilo performing a "round the world" exercise on a trampoline— she headers the balloon into the net from various positions.

With 69,500 views and 7,500 likes this is just another one of the many impressive clips that shows the dog's ability.


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Lilo is also adept at trick shots which is clear to see in a video, which can be viewed here, that was posted on December 12, 2020.

In it, the animal leaps up from a bed to hit the balloon towards a fan, which spins it into a waste paper bin.

Although in the viral video we can see there are many missed attempts, the reward is definitely worth the wait.

Newsweek has contacted Ku for comment.

Corgi dog
A stock image of a corgi. On TikTok a similar-looking animal has gone viral due to her impressive basketball skills. Getty Images