Could Drilling Be an Issue for Democrats?

"Drill, Baby, Drill!" Republicans have been on offense for the last few years. The public was generally supportive of their calls to drill during the election, and President Obama's recent decision to open up Atlantic waters to oil drilling was widely viewed as a concession to them and their Blue Dog Democrat allies. But the politics of drilling vary by state. In some places the economic activity is generally welcomed, while in others the immediate environmental impacts are shunned.

The catastrophic spill in the Gulf thus opens an opportunity for some Democrats, who are generally facing grim election prospects this fall, to drive a wedge between Republicans and their constituents' NIMBY instincts on drilling. Greg Sargent notes that Florida Rep. Kendrick Meek is attacking his Republican and independent opponents—Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, respectively—for their past support of drilling. (Crist has switched to opposing Gulf drilling since the spill).

This is a fortuitous turn of events for Meek, who is trailing both Crist and Rubio in polls ... Hmm, somebody tell Rush Limbaugh.

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