Couple Face 15 Years in Prison For Skateboarding on Freeway In Attempt to Recreate 1970s Stunt

A couple has been arrested after a man skateboarded down a Lake Charles, Louisiana bridge, and face up to 15 years of jail time for doing so. He was trying to recreate a skateboarding video from the 1970s.

"I wanted to bring back history, yeah, to recreate it," Louis C. McGlone, 26, told KPLC. "He was the man, no shirt, no shoes. Skating down the 210 bridge."

Instead, McGlone was arrested on one count of aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce on Monday. He was subsequently bonded out of jail for $10,000.

He was linked to the stunt thanks to a video posted on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Merry Christmas 😜 I-210 bridge session 🤙🏼🤙🏼 #skatelife

Posted by Louis McGlone on Sunday, December 22, 2019

The person accused of filming the video, Lindsey O. Hulett, 34, was also arrested on a count of obstruction of a highway of commerce. There is no word of her legal status at press time.

"Traffic was fairly light at that time, thankfully, but we did see several vehicles pass him, showing there was traffic beside him on the bridge. It's foreseeable that he could have been seriously injured or killed while doing this," James Anderson, a Louisiana State Police Sergeant, told KPLC.

In a statement from State Trooper Derek Senegal, a spokesman for Louisiana State Police Troop D, explained that Hulett and McGlone were violating a law that prohibits the performance of any act on a highway where human life may foreseeably be placed in danger. "The video showed the creation of a hazardous situation for the participants as well as motorists on the bridge," he said.

McGlone told KPLC that he wouldn't attempt the stunt again. "Not worth it, no. People want me to do the other side, but I can't, I'm sorry. It's just a once in a lifetime thing."

A Louisiana man and his friend have been arrested for skateboarding down a highway and may face 15 years in prison for the crime. Gabe LHeureux/Getty

McGlone and Hulett are just two of a number of thrillseekers who have participated in a trend that has emerged over the last couple of years that's concerned police forces but kept skaters on their wheels.

The #FreewayChallenge hashtag emerged on Instagram in the spring of 2016, sending skateboarders to the highway to perform board tricks and stunts later posted to their social media accounts. Police warned against the trend, concerned that skaters may injure themselves or bystanders.

"We are aware of skateboarding on the freeways in downtown and parts of L.A. There has been social media and there have been hashtags appearing with a challenge to skateboarders," CHP Officer Jose Nunez told the Los Angeles Times at the time. "These are not safe places and weren't designed for that kind of thing.This is an enforceable action and if we can identify any one or vehicle, action will be taken against those individuals."

Couple Face 15 Years in Prison For Skateboarding on Freeway In Attempt to Recreate 1970s Stunt | News