Couple Find 19th-Century Masterpiece Hidden Beneath 'Hideous' Carpet

A couple renovating their home ripped up the "hideous" carpet in the hallway, only to find the original tiles dating back to 1875 hidden underneath.

Annika and her wife, Rachel, bought a four-bedroom house, complete with cellar and coal bunker, and have been restoring it ever since.

The pair reckon their U.K. home, built at the end of the 19th century, has "stood in a time capsule since 1962" and needed a lot of TLC to modernize it, while being sympathetic to the original features.

The pair, who have been sharing their DIY journey to their TikTok account, @victorianadventure, shared an update over the incredible tiles on Thursday.

Annika shared the finished product online after months of hard labor to restore the flooring, which is made from the Minton tiles that were regularly used in the days of Queen Victoria and are renowned for being hard-wearing.

"Under this hideous carpet we found these damaged and dirty 1875 Minton tiles. So we spent hours bringing them back to life. Rebedding loose tiles, and restoring features. Until we got it to look like this," the on-screen captions said.

The TikTok clip amassed more than 150,000 views in four days and can be seen here. The highlight reel condenses the gruelling task of scraping paint and glue off the surface, removing grippers, and cleaning decades of grime off the tiles.

The pair went into further detail about the find on their Instagram account.

They revealed they had an inkling there could be treasure lurking beneath the carpet, saying: "We had them in the porch and we had peeked under the carpet, so we knew there was something there.

"Our neighbors have them and they are perfect (jammy buggers) and they mentioned that a previous owner had told them there were patches of concrete so we didn't get our hopes up."

Despite their antique charm, Annika claimed Rachel initially wasn't keen on keeping them, saying: "I have always been in team keep at all costs, Rach was thoroughly in team replace."

But after looking into the cost of a new floor, she added: "Suddenly the costs of refurbishment looked a lot more appealing than the cost of a new floor."

Eventually they hope to get a professional in to fix cracks and uneven tiles.

But after painstakingly cleaning them, she said they looked "mind blowing," comparing them to the "shocking condition" the floor had been in.

As Annika cleaned, she noticed inconsistencies in the pattern, which she discovered was a feature of Minton tiles.

In the comments, she explained: "All Minton floors have incorrect tiles, it was done deliberately." Although, she theorized, some mis-matching colors could be down to a poor repair job over the years.

Their amazing find has amassed numerous congratulatory comments, as Craig Legg wrote: "The person who put carpet over that beautiful floor should be in jail."

"I literally gasped. Those tiles are stunning," Jennifer Gregory135 added.

Gareth Penington asked: "Why would anyone cover those."

While Jennifer Bojo added: "That's insane! Like winning a lottery! Beautiful."

Newsweek reached out to Annika and Rachel for comment.

File photo of feet on tiled floor.
File photo of feet on tiled floor. A couple discovered a 19th-century masterpiece lurking beneath "hideous" carpet. Getty Images/happydancing