Couple Finds Speakers Making Nature Sounds Creepily Hidden Around New Neighborhood

Talk about a nightmare neighborhood. In a viral TikTok that commenters are comparing to dystopian media such as "The Truman Show," "Wayward Pines," "Black Mirror," "Wandavision," and "Vivarium," a user with the apt handle @cursedhome, whose name seems to be Casey, chronicles the moment he found out that the natural sounds he was hearing around his new home—birds singing, wind blowing—had a decidedly unnatural source: wireless speakers.

As he notes in the video, "I don't think this is normal."

Shortly after moving, Casey and his partner realized that something was off when they noticed that "all the bird and nature sounds were on repeat" around their property, according to The Daily Mirror.

"We discovered something strange in our newly built neighborhood," the clip begins, panning to show a street and several houses. Nothing appears out of the ordinary.

Then the picture cuts to a patch of scrub next to the sidewalk, where a white drainage pipe can be seen emerging from a mound of earth. Making his way over to the pipe, Casey points out several speakers hidden in the vicinity, most tucked into chinks between rocks. In a couple instances, he picks them up and examines them.

"Isn't it scary they have fake nature sounds instead of real ones?" he writes.

In a response to a comment, he noted, ominously, that while he's seen stray cats in the area, he hasn't seen any birds.

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times since it was posted on March 23. Many commenters endeavored to provide practical explanations for the speakers' presence.

"Is it an attempt to draw in residents by creating a sense of utopia?" user @og_kandikilla wrote.

"It's probably because no birds would come because there's no trees. looks like they cut them all down," user @the.attitude.tok wrote.

"So sometimes for new developments they'll do this as a way to attract animals and birds to come to the area, so yes it's weird but can be beneficial," user @aheron32 wrote.

pair of speakers
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Others were more skeptical, however. Some even suggested that the entire video was staged.

"Speakers look pretty clean to have been out there for a while. bs," user @williamestrada01 wrote.

"lolol portable speakers. if anyone believes this I've got a great opportunity to become your own boss!" user @kwartve wrote.

"Cap. You're telling me someone walks around and replaces them when the battery dies... come on," user @agent_ky wrote.

In the comments, Casey speculated that the speakers were planted by his local homeowner's association. His choice of hashtags such as #government and #conspiracy, however, seem to imply that he believes the speakers serve a more sinister purpose than attracting residents.