Couple Kicked off Flight for Not Wearing Masks Properly, Filmed Abusing Staff

A man and a woman were filmed hurling abuse at staff as they were removed from a JetBlue airplane for allegedly refusing to wear their facemasks correctly onboard.

The footage, shared to Instagram by fellow passenger Alice Russo, was captured earlier this week on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Diego, California.

Captioning her video, which was posted on September 10, Russo explained that the pair were "kicked off for not wearing masks properly" and they had "their masks on off the nose the whole time."

Footage of the shocking incident, which can be watched here, starts with the man, who is no longer wearing a mask at all, cursing and yelling at a flight attendant.

He bellows: "How f***ing dare you?" as the staff member attempts to reach out towards him and can be heard shouting that he has been waiting "four f***ing hours" for the flight.

Getting increasingly angry, the man proceeds to claim that he was only given one warning and he fixed his mask "the second he (the flight attendant) said something".

He then shouts for the staff to give him his hand luggage— or as he puts it: "get me my s***"— before stating that the whole situation is "f***ing bull***".

Next, Russo turns her camera on the woman, who she explained at the start of the flight was "wobbling around so I figured she was a lil drunk."

The woman is telling people onboard the flight that the issue was that her son's mask had momentarily fallen from his face.

She claims the two had "apologized and fixed it," however this "wasn't good enough" for the JetBlue staff.

She goes on to exclaim: "Now they're kicking us off and we don't know why."

Reacting to the fact that many of the other passengers are filming the altercation on their smartphones, the mother says: "Let it go viral. We're going to sue."

She also announces: "Everyone I know is an attorney".

The man can then be heard ranting: "I respect your rules. 'I'm not the type of guy... I'm a vaccinated person. You gave me one warning!"

He then tries to force his way past the flight attendant, to little avail. After demanding the flight attendant turns around "to face everyone" he is heckled by the passengers who yell at them to "get off the plane."

When the couple finally leaves the whole plane erupts into applause.

In a statement, JetBlue said: "We apologize to our other customers on this flight for their experience during this incident. For reference, crew members are trained to speak to customers who are not following policies.

"If a customer refuses to wear a face mask after being asked, crew members will work to de-escalate the situation to the best of their ability to gain compliance prior to removal."

The airline added: "The safety of each customer and crew member is our first priority, and we must work together to follow the federal mask mandate during the travel journey."

Flight attendant
A stock image of a flight attendant. A social media video captures a couple abusing airline staff as they are asked to leave the aircraft for allegedly not wearing masks properly,. Getty Images