Couple Married in Outdoor Ceremony During 'Historic' Blizzard

A happy couple said "I do" in an outdoor ceremony on Saturday in the middle of a "historic" blizzard, reported AccuWeather.

Sally and Adam Irujo were married in Providence, Rhode Island, which saw more than 19 inches of snow as a result of the blizzard—"the fourth-largest snowstorm the city has ever recorded," AccuWeather noted.

Despite being "literally" snowed into their hotel earlier that day, the couple decided nothing would stop them from exchanging their vows.

"We've been planning it for 14 months," Adam told NBC 10 News.

"We have a few cutting boards with this date on it, a couple [of] mugs and a marriage license with it on it," Sally added. "Today's the day."

So, on January 29, the couple and their friends and family donned their snowsuits and walked over to the Providence Public Library, where the ceremony was held.

"Sally wore a cream skirt she originally used for their rehearsal dinner with a white sweater, and pulled her hair back underneath a cream-colored hat," Insider stated. Meanwhile, Adam wore a tuxedo underneath his snowboarding gear.

On its website, The American Red Cross encouraged all people to stay indoors if possible during a snowstorm. However, should someone need to go outside, the nonprofit said they should wear tight, layered clothing.

"Outer garments should be tightly woven and water repellent," The Red Cross stated, adding that individuals should also cover their mouths to protect their lungs against the cold winter air.

Individuals should also be careful not to overexert themselves, the nonprofit said. Activities that could easily lead to overexertion include walking, pushing a heavy vehicle or shoveling snow.

"Heart attacks from shoveling heavy snow are a leading cause of death during the winter," The Red Cross explained.

Thankfully, the Irujos and their wedding guests survived the chill. They even participated in a post-ceremonial snowball fight.

"Adam actually fired the first shot at me," Sally told Insider. "But it was so hard to do anything out there, if you didn't have goggles it was hard to see, it was crazy."

Though Saturday's historic weather was not a part of the couple's initial wedding plans, they were still "psyched" to be married, the couple told NBC 10 News.

"We thought it was going to be really hard and it all came together," Sally said. "The Providence Public Library worked with us so well. All of our vendors somehow were available today and I think it was just meant to be."

Wedding bands in the snow
A happy couple said “I do” in an outdoor ceremony on Saturday in the middle of a “historic” blizzard, reported AccuWeather. izhairguns/istock