Couple Marries Days After Bride's Arm Bitten Off in Crocodile Attack

Just days after losing an arm in a grisly crocodile attack during a "pre-wedding honeymoon" on the Zambezi River, Zanele Ndlovu was able to walk down the aisle with a smile and marry the love of her life.

Groom Jamie Fox said he felt "so proud" of his bride, a former tennis player, for being able to smile and laugh "despite her pain and what she gone through."

"She's been so brave and to be able to get married just five days after this happened is unbelievable," Fox, 27, told British newspaper, the Daily Mirror.

Ndlovu, 25, lost most of her right arm just five days before the wedding when a crocodile jumped out of the water and attacked her while she was canoeing with her then fiance Fox, a British charity worker.

"I didn't see it or hear it. It just jumped from the water and grabbed her arm," Fox said.

"She was pulled one side out of the boat and I fell out on the other," he continued. "When I came up from the water I saw the tour guides had grabbed her and pulled her towards another boat."

Fox said a helicopter arrived within minutes to rush Ndlovu to a hospital. While surgeons were able to save her life, they said there was "no choice" but to amputate her arm, which had been left "hanging off" after the attack.

Not wanting to postpone their wedding, the couple changed their venue so they could tie the knot in the chapel of the hospital where Ndlovu was recovering.

Fox said Ndlovu was "smiling and laughing," despite the pain.

The charity worker was also able to joke, despite the seriousness of the incident, saying: "We're both outdoorsy, but I'm not sure if we'll be canoeing again."

"We have to think about that in the future," he added.

Ndlovu has since been discharged from the hospital where she was recovering.

Fox said the couple hopes to settle in Britain and will plan their honeymoon for a later date.