Couple Take Pixelated Wedding Photo on Old Game Boy Camera, and the Internet is Obsessed

Wedding photographs provide documentation of a couple's special day, which the two can then look back on for years to come.

However, one pair of newlyweds decided to go against the grain and have a snap taken of them using a Game Boy Camera.

The photograph, which is very pixelated and in black and white, shows the couple standing side by side; the bride in a white dress, the man in a tuxedo.

Shared to Reddit by an account called KytorIndustries, the photo is so low-resolution that the duo's faces are barely distinguishable.

Explaining in the comments section, the image poster revealed that he and his wife also had a professional photographer on hand to capture the day.

A Game Boy Camera is a pocket camera which was released by Japanese company Nintendo back in 1998 as an accessory for Game Boy, a portable video game console.

The device, which ceased to be manufactured in 2002, featured a 180-degree swivel lens and shot grey-scale photographs which people could edit and print out.

KytorIndustries captioned the snap, which he posted in the forum r/pics, writing: "I got married last weekend, and asked our photographer to take photos of us with my Game Boy Camera."

The post has gone viral on Reddit, having received more that 111,000 upvotes.

More than 1,000 people also took to the comments section to share their opinions on the novel wedding photograph.

One person, Talking_pillow, added: "That is going be so awesome when you print it out on the Game Boy printer and stick the photo to the fridge."

Animatedreality added: "For some reason, the Game Boy photo quality makes this feel way more poignant and sweet than I thought it would. Congratulations!"

Georgecm12 joked: "I wish the new Mr. and Mrs. Blur all the happiness in your new marriage!"

Kowallaonskis stated: "You probably had more guests at the wedding than pixels in this image."

Theythembian explained: "Lol at first I thought, they got shafted by their photographer.. glad that wasn't wasn't case. Congrats!!!"

Darthfloyd typed: "Congratulations & I hope that you did take other photos with a bit more pixels, coz otherwise your SO is gonna be mad at you forever.."

Despite the low quality of the image, SaturdayHeartache managed to observe: "I think I wore the same gown! No joke lol."

To this, KytorIndustires went on to clarify: "Oh yeah of course, professional photographers that took many photos.

"I just wanted to grab a few with my Game Boy Camera because I'm a big retro tech & handheld gaming guy."

pixel man
A stock image of a photographer taking a photo of a man pixelated patterns projected on to him. On Reddit, one man shared his wedding snap taken on a Game Boy Camera. iStock