Couple Reunited With Cat Who Went Missing on Their Honeymoon 10 Years Ago

A couple whose cat went missing from their narrowboat 10 years ago have finally been reunited with their pet.

The adorable ginger cat, whose name is Big Ginge, was last seen by his owners Colin Clayton and Eva Bellamy back in 2011, when they were enjoying their honeymoon on a their boat.

The pair were holidaying near their home in Birmingham, United Kingdom, when Big Ginge disappeared, despite them being used to him popping in and out of the vessel.

The couple were therefore very surprised to get a call from charity Cats Protection to inform them their lost pet had been found miles away in the town of Lichfield.

The charity had been made aware of a stray whom they nicknamed Marmalade, and he was being looked after by a man locally.

Sue Hocknell from the Lichfield and Tamworth branch of Cats Protection told the BBC: "Over time a local man fed him and gradually Marmalade began to trust him.

"I managed to get a quick vet appointment and that's when we discovered his true identity."

Thankfully, the lump turned out to not be serious, and owing to the fact that the feline was microchipped he was able to be given back to his original owners.

Clayton explained to the BBC that the pair were being cautious as the cat has just arrived back, saying: "For now we will be keeping him indoors.

"Big Ginge has had enough stress in his life and we are confident it will all work out."

The pair have two other cats, Weasel and Diesel, who must also be thrilled to be reunited with their long lost housemate.

Another peculiar reunion happened recently in Wisconsin when a man was returned his lost dog after spotting the pet on a news segment two years after the animal went missing.

The man, identified only as Dwight, was watching a morning broadcast by FOX6 News Milwaukee when he recognized his dog, whose name is Payday.

The Wisconsin Humane Society explained that Dwight had awoken to "the sounds of FOX6's morning broadcast, just as our volunteer started describing a little brown dog with the most adorable underbite."

The animal shelter went on to add that "it was rare for the man to have his TV on at this time "but must have left it on by accident—or perhaps thanks to fate."

"It only took one glance at the picture for Dwight to immediately recognize Payday, his long-lost pup who had gone missing nearly two years ago!"

Cat Big Ginge
Big Ginge has been requited with his owners after 10 years. Cats Protection