Couple Tracking Lost Luggage's Journey With Apple AirTag Wows Viewers

A couple has gained viral attention after sharing how they tracked lost luggage after a trip using an Apple AirTag that was still inside the suitcase.

Jenny Antunes, who uses the TikTok handle jennyantuness, shared the unusual story on the video-sharing app where it has since received more than 880,000 upvotes.

Losing your luggage during a trip is not uncommon, in fact, Luggage Hero reports that in the first half of 2021, over 690,000 bags were lost or mishandled by U.S. airlines. According to those statistics, the chance of your bag being lost on a flight in 2021 was around 0.4 percent.


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Alongside the caption: "When your luggage sees more of Portugal than you," the video shared how Antunes' boyfriend had his luggage left behind in Toronto.

Luckily, the smart pair had decided to put an Apple AirTag into the luggage, meaning they could track it until they were reunited.

The AirTag is a product produced by Apple that was originally designed to go on a keyring and help people find their keys, but since its release in April 2021 has been used to various purposes by people around the world. Compatible with iPhone 11 and above, the AirTag connects to Apple's Find My app so that owners can track down anything it is added to.

Using a secure Bluetooth network, the AirTag is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy.

In the video, Antunes showed how the luggage was completely trackable thanks to the AirTag placed inside, and the couple watched as the luggage moved through Toronto airport and made its way over to Lisbon airport, Portugal.

The first interesting spot the luggage found itself was right by the beach at ​​Figueira Da Foz, more than an hour away from the airport before it headed back to Lisbon where it appeared to be inside a house, and then a nearby warehouse.

Eventually, the bag appeared back at the airport and five days after losing the bag, the couple was summoned to go and collect it.

Antunes shared that: "After searching through rooms and rooms of luggage we finally found it," followed by a shot of her smiling boyfriend reunited with his possessions. To finish the video, Antunes wrote: "Thank you Apple AirTag."

In over 190 comments, TikTok users rushed to share their thoughts and reactions.

"The luggage had its own vacation," laughed one commenter, while another said: "I moved to Portugal a year ago and that suitcase saw more than me."

"On my way to buy an AirTag," said another reply. Meanwhile, another commenter wrote: "New Disney movie idea! About lost luggage and all the crazy other luggages and stuff they see."

Newsweek has reached out to jennyantuness for comment.

Luggage in airport
A stock image of luggage on a belt at an airport. The internet has been wowed after a couple shared their lost luggage's journey tracked using an Apple AirTag. NeoPhoto/Getty Images