Vet Manually 'Deflates' Bloated Cow Filled With Pungent Gas to Save Its Life

A vet manually deflated a bloated cow which was filled with pungent gas in order to save its life.

Blake, who calls himself a cow, cat and dog veterinarian, shared a clip to TikTok revealing the unique procedure, which can be seen here.

Blake, who posts to the account @achinforblakin, uploaded the footage earlier this month, where it's since amassed a whopping 36 million views, and has been shared across Reddit.

He captioned the video: "Free gas bloat in a steer." It shows the side of the 450 pound cow, which is clearly bulging.

The professional inserts a device resembling a valve into the side, and the audible hiss of gas escaping from the stomach can clearly be heard, as the cow immediately deflates.

In the voice-over, Blake says: "Here's a steer who's bloated pretty good. Bloat is just free gas accumulating in the rumen unable to get out, so we put a device in called a trocar, which you can see he punched in. The skin was blocked so of course the steer doesn't feel a thing. Letting all the gas out, and the steer's going to feel a lot better."

The clip garnered so much attention Blake shared a further four videos explaining the anatomy of cattle, including the rumen, one of the four chambers of their stomach, and why it's so important to deflate cows.

In a separate clip, he said: "The question I got a lot too was what happens if we do nothing. The short answer is that they die. Mostly from asphyxiation. You can see that the rumen can press right up against the diaphragm so as that rumen continues to expand the diaphragm gets compressed harder and harder to the point where the lungs are no longer able to take in air."

And he confirmed what many in the comments thought, that the gas does have a bad odor.

"For me it does not smell bad, but for others it might be quite unpleasant. Due to the fact that this is a fermentative event from an animal that has chewed grass and got it into its room temperature body, you can imagine like hot lawn clippings that have been wet for several weeks in the sun. That is best as I can describe as to what it smells like. Or almost like a pre-fart if you will."

Blake, from North Dakota, added: "But to those who have never smelled it can certainly be pungent."

He explained more about this cow in particular, revealing it was still "milking out on mom in the pasture."

He confirmed: "The rancher tried many times and did deflate the steer although the steer kept bloating so he brought the steer to us, for us to put the trochar in which you saw in the video."

And he assured the cow was given appropriate pain relief beforehand, saying: "This steer was absolutely numbed with lidocaine to make sure it was as pain free of a procedure as we can do."

Inevitably there's always a risk to performing such a procedure, but overall Blake theorized the cow should hopefully recover, despite confirming the trocar does punch "a hole" in their side. He said cattle are "very very good at healing things."

There are a few factors causing this type of bloat, made up "free gas," but he theorized in this particular case there may have been a problem with the vagus nerve, saying it could have "stopped functioning properly."

Commenting on the original video, Kingcornflakes asked: "Did you just manually fart a steer?"

"Don't forget to deflate your cows," Crysiecat joked.

Ozwaltcobblepot said: "Does this work on humans? Asking for a friend."

Turtlebox agreed, saying: "My god why can't they make that for humans."

And responding to numerous people who asked if this procedure could be performed on humans, particularly after a large meal, Blake sadly explained our physiology isn't suited to this method of deflation.

"So the answer to the question can you do this to me, unless you have a rumen, I cannot," he confirmed.

Newsweek reached out to Blake for comment.

File photo of a cow.
File photo of a cow. A vet manually deflated a bloated steer, with a clip of the procedure watched more than 35 million times. Getty Images/Clara Bastian