All the Easter Eggs in the Teaser Trailer for Netflix's 'Cowboy Bebop' Live-Action Series

Of all of Netflix's live-action adaptations of anime currently in the works, Cowboy Bebop has to be one of its most highly anticipated.

Based on Shinichirō Watanabe's sci-fi classic of the same name, the show follows the adventures of bounty hunters Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda).

And the streaming platform has now shared a teaser trailer for the show ahead of an official trailer, which will be released next week.

The clip is titled "Lost Session" and gives a first look at the gun-totting trio in all their glory as they chase bounties together across the galaxy.

Here are the Easter Eggs you may have missed.

A Closer Look at Bebop

The teaser clip opens with Spike, Faye and Jet in different rooms of the Bebop spaceship, showing off how the live-action series has accurately recreated the original interior design from Watanabe's animation.

At first Jet appears to be stood inside his quarters, which is evident from the brief glimpse of bonsai trees that he takes care of in his spare time.

Both he and Faye walk out of their respective frames to join Spike in the main living room where they discuss a potential bounty for them to find.

At the end of the teaser clip, following a bounty gone wrong, the trio return to the living room and sit on a yellow sofa and chair that is the same as the furniture seen in the anime.

Cowboy Bebop live-action cast
John Cho as Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine in Netflix's "Cowboy Bebop" live-action series. Netflix

Spike Spiegel's Love of Noodles

While out on a bounty, Faye and Jet stop when they realize that Spike is not with them, learning that he has disappeared to get a bite to eat.

When the pair remind him they're "on a job" he quips that noodles come first, and this is a reference to the character's love for the dish.

In the anime, Spike is often seen eating Cup Noodles while on board the Bebop, but unless Netflix has a branding deal with the company it may be that the character enjoys a generic bowl of noodles in the live action instead.


Vicious (Alex Hassell) is Spike's former partner and arch nemesis and he makes a very brief appearance in the teaser trailer.

Shown in shadows while wielding his sword, Vicious warns Spike that he's "coming for [him]" which teases their rivalry, the main arc of the anime.

Vicious and Spike were once friends while working for the Red Dragon Syndicate, but things soured between them after Spike had an affair with Vicious' girlfriend Julia (Elena Satine) and tried to leave the Syndicate with her.

Spike Spiegel's Ship

Spike's ship The Swordfish II is seen at the very end of the teaser trailer when the camera pans away from the trio and out into space.

The red high-speed racing spaceship, which is much smaller and faster than the Bebop, is what Spike uses while catching people during bounty-hunting missions.

Cowboy Bebop will be released on Netflix on November 19.