Cow's Viral 'Spa Day' TikTok Viewed Over 50 Million Times

TikTok user @l.thomas2020 has captured the hearts and minds of the internet with a recent video documenting one lucky heifer's indulgent spa day.

Posted yesterday, the enormously viral video has reached an audience of over 54 million and has amassed more than 9 million likes. It's not hard to understand why.

In the video, @l.thomas2020—also known on the platform as LT—shows the several steps involved in pampering her beloved animal. She scrubs her hooves with a toothbrush before polishing them, gives her coat a deep brushing, and then lays milk-soaked strawberry slices across the blissed-out cow's head and back. She also cleans the inside of her ears and even grooms her tail and eyebrows.

Laying in a sunny field of grass, the cow, looking peaceful and relaxed, seems to enjoy her day of luxury.

This type of content is not new to LT's account. She frequently posts videos featuring her several cows—many of whom seem to still be young calves—creating mischief, relaxing, and frolicking around the farm. One video, for example, shares footage of a baby calf and its mother just after its birth. Others show LT relaxing and cuddling with her cattle.

These videos are certainly popular, each with hundreds and thousands of views. However, they haven't nearly reached the level of popularity enjoyed by the recent 'spa day' video. Notably, LT's second-most popular video, posted last month, is also a cow-pampering clip—one that has almost 16 million views and over 2 million likes.

Viewers seem especially drawn to the idyllic 'spa' scenes, not only because they are wholesome, endearing, and even comforting, but because they also provide a playful take on our culture's obsession with so-called 'self-care.'

"This cow is living a better self care life than me at this point in my life," wrote one TikTok commenter.

Another wrote, "Can I be treated like your cow."

"That cow has a better skin care routine than I do," added another user.

However, this being TikTok, not every comment was as supportive.

Some users poked fun at the video, likening the cow's spa treatments to "marinating" her, while others referred to her as "food" or "steak."

Others quickly came to the cow's defense, calling the food comments "sick" and noting that "this is how animals are supposed to be treated."

Since posting the viral video, LT has continued to post footage from her farm, but it remains to be seen whether she will upload more 'spa day' videos in the future.

Cow Eating Grass
A viral TikTok of one cow's 'spa day' has captured the hearts of internet users. WILLIAM WEST/Getty Images