Student Goes Viral for Their Morning Crab Leg Feast on Zoom

Kids, it is known, say the darndest things. But it doesn't stop there—their morning repasts can be pretty out there, too. For example, a student had to leave their Zoom class because their breakfast of crab legs was a distraction. While some may question why a child was eating a seafood feast in the morning, others have praised the student for their offbeat, if luxurious, decision making.

On Tuesday, podcaster and internet personality Trill Withers tweeted that a student in his nephew's class was having a crab leg feast for breakfast and offered his support for the student. "[T]his generation got it all figured out," he wrote.

Teacher asked if they wanted to turn her camera off and come back when they were finished. They did and sent this 😂

— Trill Withers (@TylerIAm) November 10, 2020

He also shared a screenshot of a message the student sent after the teacher asked her to turn off the camera, as her crab leg feast was distracting the class. "I had 3 plates of crab legs now im [sic] ready to learn," the student wrote.

The former Barstool Sports commentator tweeted a little later that he was so amused by the young student's lavish breakfast that he wanted to get her response about being ready to learn tattooed on his stomach.

Getting “I had 3 plates of crab legs now I’m ready to learn” tatted across my stomach

— Trill Withers (@TylerIAm) November 10, 2020

Withers' tweet with the student's response was retweeted over 400 times and liked more than 3,000 times.

Still, this leaves a number of unanswered questions for the curious reader. Why was the student eating crab legs at 9:13 a.m? How did they have the crab legs? Were they freshly prepared or leftovers? Does she normally have seafood for breakfast? Can we come over and also enjoy such fine fare? These are all things that we may never know.

Withers did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment via Instagram direct message in time for publication, or, for a breakfast invitation.

People on Twitter responded with similar levels of joy and praise for the young visionary. One person responded by suggesting that that the student's parents took her on vacation and that she probably was just having a different meal than breakfast or was "just living lavish ahead of our times." Another joked about ordering Red Lobster from DoorDash and needing it to help the learning process. Someone else tweeted that he'd give the student an "automatic A" if she was in his class. One user responded by joking that the student would likely ask for bourbon to enjoy with Saturday morning cartoons.

This child is clearly on vacation in another time zone living lavish or they just living lavish ahead of our times

— Tommy (@TommyBottles401) November 10, 2020

Dear Teacher,
Can y’all hold up class for a few minutes my door dash from red lobster got held up in traffic and no chance im learning without it.

— So You Like to Gamble? (@BeantownDFS) November 10, 2020

If this kid was in my class, automatic A.

— Scott Stadem (@stades44) November 10, 2020

“Honey, you want any food while you watch your cartoons this morning?”
“Get me the surf and turf mom, maybe a glass of Woodford Reserve too.”

— Matt Stahl (@mattstahl97) November 10, 2020

Some people shared their own experiences of things they've noticed while their children are online learning. A few teachers also shared experiences about their students having meals while virtual learning. One wrote that her student's meal put what she normally has for breakfast while online learning to shame.

Kid in my daughters had to be asked to put down the chicken wings at 8 am

— PMT Commenter (@CommentatorPmt) November 10, 2020

One of my students said Im going to the kitchen to make some breakfast since you already eating on yours and I said what you finna eat. When I tell you brother came back with a full meal...and clowned my food lmaooo it was the most vocal he had been in class since school started

— ADILAH (@TheASMLife) November 10, 2020

Other people simply replied that the student was living the types of life they could only dream about having for themselves.

This is exactly how I want my day to go

— ariel (@arigold_88) November 10, 2020
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