'Crackdown' Is Free on Xbox One Ahead of 'Crackdown 3' Release

Nothing gets me more excited about the release of a new game than playing through the previous games in that franchise. Microsoft must agree, as the original Crackdown has just been made free for everyone on Xbox One.

Crackdown was eagerly anticipated when it was originally released back in 2007, mostly because copies came bundled with a code to the Halo 3 beta. Crackdown featured a large, open world filled with countless opportunities to cause mass amounts of destruction (all in the name of keeping the peace, of course). Set in the fictitious Pacific City, players control a police officer tasked with taking down crime organizations, drug lords and even a terrorist cell.

Crackdown 3, now set to release in February, has had a long and dragged out production cycle. Originally revealed at E3 in 2014, Crackdown 3 was scheduled for a 2016 release. Multiple delays forced this back further and further, but Microsoft seems confident with the new 2019 window, despite not having confirmed a specific date.

The interesting thing about Crackdown being free on the Xbox One is you don't need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to take advantage. Everyone can download Crackdown for free and play it on Xbox One or Xbox One X thanks to Backward Compatibility. We aren't sure how long this promotion will last, so make sure you at least register the game to your account so you can download and play it later.

With Crackdown being given away as a complete freebie, outside of the monthly Games with Gold offerings, it means we should all start keeping an eye on Crackdown 2. I wouldn't be surprised to see the sequel given away to build up hype for Crackdown 3 even more. It also wouldn't surprise me to see Crackdown 2 as a future Games with Gold offering soon.

So what do you think? Are you excited to dive into the world of Crackdown on Xbox One? Does this have you more excited for the release of Crackdown 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.