Canned Cranberry Sauce Versus Homemade: You Have to Take a Stand

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without cranberry sauce...for some reason no one understands but we all unfailingly agree upon. The only thing more inexplicable than our nation's dedication to this tart, gritty slurry, is the fervor that divides those who consume it. You either love canned cranberry sauce, or homemade. You cannot love both.

Now, a viral tweet is calling for people to show their preferences: homemade or canned cranberry sauce, to take a stand once and for all. Needless to say, the outcome was...entertaining!

Many people said they would happily enjoy both, but soon all diplomacy was gone as preferences began to assert themselves. Allegiances were sworn, with people speaking about the bog berry dish with the zeal of true believers.

People on Twitter quickly jumped to defend the jellied, or as it is more crassly referred to, "canned" cranberry sauce. One person who liked it canned said that the ease of preparing it was a major part of why it was served at their Thanksgiving table, and no would could fault her for it. Another said he loved it so much that he said he could eat it from a can, providing a harrowing glimpse at a personal moment best kept that way. Music critic Craig Jenkins said that the canned version "should be honored," sharing a New York magazine article that declares canned the best.

With people so admittedly speaking in favor of the canned creation, those who go for the homemade option are much less militant in their praises. Most just shared photos or recipes for their homemade sauce. Despite most fresh folk remaining neutral, one person said that cranberry sauce is actually very easy to prepare, the humble brag of the Pinterest devotee, while showing their true colors as they pined for a canned cranberry sauce/cherry jello concoction that her grandmother prepared in her youth.

While the dish is a Thanksgiving staple, there remain the unconverted. "I only put it on my plate because I feel like I have to," comedian Whitney Cummings wrote.

The debate surrounding the side-dish stirred up some discussion in the Newsweek culture team's Slack channel about what's better. Editor Kyle McGovern said either was fine, but advised slicing up canned cranberry sauce "so it's not so damn gross-looking."

Writer Jon Jackson said that he was team fresh. "I am by no means a food snob, but I feel cranberry sauce should only be homemade," he wrote.

Kelly Wynne also shared that while it didn't necessarily look appetizing, canned sauce was the better option. "Cranberry sauce from a can looks gross but tastes better," she wrote.

Despite all the discussion about the proper way to prepare for Thanksgiving, one person responded to the original tweet with an alternative to both, saying they preferred raw cranberries.

There is only one wrong take on cranberries, and it is that one.

On Twitter, people debated the merits of both canned and freshly prepared cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner. L. Fritz/ClassicStock/Getty