Crane Fall in Seattle Kills Four During Construction of Development For New Google Campus

A crane at a construction site in downtown Seattle fell on Saturday, killing four people. The South Lake Union project site at Fairview Avenue North and Mercer Street was the site where the crane crashed to the ground, pinning cars underneath it.

The four people were dead before firefighters arrived on scene, according to the Seattle Times.

The construction is for a building that's to house a new Google campus, the report stated.

Esther Nelson was working in a nearby building when she said she saw the crane fall, calling the accident terrifying.

"It was terrifying," said Nelson, who claimed to have witnessed it from a break room window. She said the wind was gusting hard, and that the crane nearly nine stories tall began swaying and then broke in half.

"Half of it was flying down sideways on the building," Nelson said. "The other half fell down on the street, crossing both lanes of traffic."

The King County Medical Examiner's Office said it would release the names of the deceased on Monday, according to The Times.

Witnesses who saw or felt the crane fall and crash described it from as the feeling of an earthquake or a jet flying past them.

"The first thing I felt was a jolt from behind. It almost felt like an earthquake," said 27-year-old Corrina Berriel, who said she thought she was going to die from the collapse, as she saw dust and debris after the crane fall. She was in her car and saw it from her rear view window.

Berriel added that she saw a couple, who had been walking their dog, shaking as they hurriedly carried their dog away from the scene.

Nearby resident Jane Adler said it "started downpouring" before the loud crash.

"I thought it was a fighter jet," Adler said of the crane fall. She witnessed several people get carried away, not knowing if they were dead or alive and injured.

The construction is currently the largest project in Seattle, according to The Times. At one point, there were three giant cranes helping construct the 607,000-square-foot building, which is to also contain approximately 150 apartments. Construction, which started in 2017 and was scheduled to be completed in 2019, is being developed in South Lake Union by Vulcan Real Estate.

"We are in the process of gathering information," said Vulcan spokeswoman Natalie Price. "It's best if you direct all inquiries to the fire department that has responded to the scene."