Watch: Massive 65,000-Ton Cruise Ship Smashes Into Dock

A 65,000-ton cruise ship crashed into a dock in Honduras Tuesday morning. This caused minor damage to the liner but no passengers or crew members were injured.

The incident happened at 11 a.m. in Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, when the MSC Armonia arrived at a dock seemingly unable to stop.

Footage posted by gCaptain, a maritime news website, shows the ship approaching the dock and turning as it collides with the pier. Sounds of shouting can be heard, with locals calling in Spanish for people to get out of danger.

"While maneuvering alongside, for reasons that are currently still being duly investigated, the ship deviated from her course and grazed the end of the pier," MSC Cruises wrote in an email to USA Today.

Eyewitnesses said the ship was unable to stop before colliding into the dock and running onto the rocks. The company said there was only minor damage to the ship and that passengers and crew were unharmed. Its website says it can carry up to 2,679 passengers and 721 crew.

People at the harbor in Roatan got their smartphones out and began to take photographs and videos of the ship. One man who posted his video to social media said people had been screaming, as they feared the ship would run aground.

"There was never any risk for guests or crew on board," the company stated, as quoted by The Sun Sentinel. "There was also no impact for the environment. In fact, while there was a slight delay for our guests to disembark, all who were scheduled to go ashore on excursions and other activities disembarked as planned."

The cruise, which runs for either one week or two weeks, is on an itinerary of the Caribbean that includes stopping in Havana.

After repairs were made to the ship, the Honduran Port State Control authorities gave permission for liner to continue onto its next destination on Wednesday (April 11).

It reportedly departed for Belize at 5.30 am on Wednesday and was due to arrive at 1 pm.