Indiana Auto Parts Store Employee Filmed Girls Using Staff Bathroom During Junior Miss Softball Car Wash Fundraiser

A 20-year-old employee of an Indiana auto parts store has been charged with possession of child pornography and voyeurism after two 10-year-old girls uncovered a cell phone used to film in the company's staff bathroom.

According to The Times of Northwest Indiana, Adan Alvarado is accused of using a cell phone to record images in the bathroom of O'Reilly Auto Parts in Portage, Indiana during a local Junior Miss Softball car wash fundraiser.

Alvarado was charged Monday with felony counts of child exploitation, possession of child pornography and voyeurism, over the incident at 6100 Central Ave.

The filming device was discovered by the girls hidden behind a plunger and bottles of cleaning products. It had been placed slightly to the left of the toilet. One of the girls had just used the toilet and the other was partially undressed when they discovered the camera.

Once the video was recovered, police were able to ascertain that the filming began at 12:18 p.m. Saturday, and showed the 20-year-old putting the phone in its secreted location by the toilet. The two girls entered the bathroom some 15 minutes later.

There were other voyeuristic videos reportedly discovered on the phone. Police said they uncovered separate footage collected from the same location on May 29, June 5 and June 8. The subject of those clips had been two of the auto part store's female employees.

Alvarado told police that these adult women were the intended targets of his secret filming. However, he also directed the two young girls to the bathroom, police have said.

In an admission of his role, Alvarado has said the decision to record in the employee restroom had been "stupid." The suspect said he had seen similar videos in the past, which had inspired him to do the filming. "Adan said he has watched videos like that before and thought, 'Oh that'd be cool,'" police said.

"Adan said he did not know why he did it, it just 'happened' but he did not mean for younger girls to go in and see the cellular telephone or be recorded," documents relating to the charges have outlined.

Alvarado claimed he had only carried out the filming on the premises of the Portage store and had only hidden the device on three separate occasions. He could not say how long he intended to keep the recordings and said they were meant for his own personal use.

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