Crocodile Euthanized After Horrific Attack That Left It With Metal Arrow Stuck in Its Spine

A large crocodile was euthanized by authorities after a horrific attack left it with a metal arrow stuck in its spine.

The injured estuarine crocodile—which was more than 11 feet long—was found with a steel arrow piercing its body and several stab wounds to its neck and throat in northern Queensland, Australia.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) said its wildlife officers captured and removed the crocodile from the river after a member of the public spotted it swimming near moored boats in the Johnstone River near Innisfail, on Friday.

They discovered the reptile had been struck by a barbed arrow and also had several injuries to its neck and throat, which suggested it had been stabbed repeatedly.

The decision was made to euthanize the crocodile on Monday because of the injuries the reptile had sustained, a department spokesperson said.

"Officers were able to safely remove some of the exposed part of the steel arrow, but the rest of its barbed shaft remained embedded against the animal's spine," the spokesperson revealed.

"An examination revealed external injuries to the crocodile's neck and throat, indicating it had been stabbed multiple times with a sharp object."

The spokesperson added: "The crocodile was found to be in very poor physical condition due to its injuries and there were large areas of dead tissue on its back, around where the weapon had penetrated its body.

"The arrow is also likely to have caused extensive internal injuries and the animal appeared in great discomfort. Unfortunately, the decision had to be made to humanely euthanize the animal."

The DES is now appealing to the public for information about how the crocodile was injured. The DES spokesperson said it is a criminal offense to deliberately hurt or kill an estuarine crocodile, with a maximum penalty of more than $20,000 ($30,000AUD).

Earlier this month, the DES targeted a crocodile for removal after it snatched a turtle out of the hands of a teenager.

Coree Summerville had been fishing at The Strand Pier in Townsville in Queensland, Australia, and jumped into the water to help a turtle after he noticed it was belly up and struggling, the Townsville Bulletin reported.

But moments after the 15-year-old hit the water and grabbed the turtle, a crocodile attacked and ate half of the turtle before leaving.

Wildlife officers from the DES then set a trap to capture a crocodile that is believed to be the same one that Summerville encountered, a department spokesman told Newsweek at the time.

The spokesman said the crocodile, estimated to be around 10 feet long, had been targeted for removal from the wild.

This article has been updated with information from the DES.

A crocodile was euthanized after it was found with a metal arrow stuck in its spine following a horrific attack. Queensland Department of Environment and Science