Cruise Ship Narrowly Avoids New Orleans Tornado in Incredible Video

A video of a cruise ship sailing on the Mississippi River with a tornado in the background has started to go viral on social media.

The video, viewed over 200,000 times so far, shows the moment the cruise ship escapes the path of the twister that swept through the New Orleans area on Tuesday.

The video was posted on Twitter by meteorologist Brantly Keiek of WGNO-TV.

"Wow. Incredible view of the tornado near New Orleans earlier as seen from the Mississippi River while a cruise ship passed by. Video from a @WGNOtv viewer via @PeytonLocicero," Keiek wrote as a caption for the video.

The tornado in New Orleans has been filmed by citizens across the city, with many people highlighting the destruction the twister left after passing through neighborhoods.

Fox 8 Nola's Andrés Fuentes shared a video to his Twitter showing some of the destruction. It has so far been viewed over 30,000 times.

"Here's a first look at some of the damages in Arabi, Louisiana after a tornado ripped through homes in the evening," Fuentes wrote.

The video showed firefighters at a scene where a home appeared to have been completely destroyed. There were no visible street lamps and surrounding houses also appeared to have lost power.

"We have had a tornado land in Arabi, here in the St. Bernard Parish. From the south side to the north side we have widespread damage," Guy McInnis, president of St. Bernard Parish, which lies to the southeast of New Orleans, told a news conference on Tuesday.

"We have a lot going on tonight, our deputies and first responders are doing a great job."

The area's sheriff, James Pohlmann, standing alongside McInnis, confirmed that at least one person has been killed by the tornado.

"There is widespread damage from where it touched down. There is heavy damage to multiple buildings in the area," Pohlmann said.

"They have multiple injuries in the area, most have been transported to the hospital or have been treated on the scene by first responders."

He added that first responders would be working into the night as part of rescue efforts and to also clear up some areas.

"As soon as we get more of these areas cleared up more safely, we will send more people out to do a more thorough search."

"We were just informed that there is one confirmed death as a result of this tornado touching down in the Arabi area," Pohlmann said.

Cruise ship
Stock image of a cruise ship. Incredible video of a cruise ship narrowly avoiding a tornado in New Orleans has gone viral on social media. Getty Images