Woman Shares What It's Like To Own a 'Cuddly Cat' and It Doesn't Disappoint

A cat owner has amazed the internet by sharing what living with the cuddly critter is like, leaving people all over social media "jealous."

In a post shared to TikTok on Thursday by Paquito_thecat, the creature can be seen snuggling to the owner as she holds him in her arms, just like a baby.

The heartwarming post comes with a caption that read: "Having a cuddly cat feels like an elite experience." Followed by: "The cuddle+purr+stretch combo is *chefs kiss*."

cuddly cat melts hearts online
Stock image. Cat hugging owner. A rare cuddly cat has melted hearts all over the internet. Getty Images

Because cats are very autonomous creatures that like to have their own space, and are not very fond of physical contact, having a cat that loves cuddling is quite uncommon. Cats don't like being picked up or cuddled for numerous reasons.

One such reason is that this is not the way felines communicate, so they're not used to it. Another reason is that they probably weren't properly socialized as kittens. It could also be due to their anxiety, their breed, or even medical issues.

VetHelpDirect wrote on its website that if your cat doesn't like being picked up, you should respect their wish, and try other ways of bonding, such as playing with toys.

The TikTok in question quickly attracted animal lovers from all over the platform, receiving over 4.2 million views and 1.3 million likes.

One user, boringsundae, commented: "but the feeling when you get cuddles from a NOT cuddly cat? next level." And Liz_campos said: "I want a cuddly cat soooo bad." Faye wrote: "I love my cuddly cat but she seriously does not leave me alone."

Jessicaeb3 wrote: "I've never been so jealous." And Caco said: "This right here is PRIVILEGE." Stacey added: "I have 3 cuddly cats I feel like I won the lottery."

Another user, lisajaunet, commented: "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MYYYY DREAAAAM." And Amelia added: "This is actually the most elite cat cuddle TikTok I've ever seen in my life." Christian french said: "This is all I want."

Shane Dees wrote: "mine used to wrap around my arm when we would sleep I miss him every day." And liza added: "How do I find a cuddly cat and not one that claws me if I'm within a 4ft radius."

Newsweek reached out to Paquito_thecat for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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