Cult Leader Found Mummified in Colorado Home, Seven Arrested

Seven cult members have been arrested after police discovered the mummified corpse of the cult's leader wrapped inside of a sleeping bag and covered in Christmas lights, NBC 2 reports.

The body was that of Amy Carlson, says NBC 2, who was known to her followers as "Mother God," the leader of a religious group known as "Love Has Won." She was reportedly found dead on April 28 in a home in Moffat, Colorado.

According to OzarkFirst, the body was found in a back bedroom and was wrapped inside of a sleeping bag and lying on top of a bed. The woman's eyes were reportedly covered in "glitter-type makeup" and the body was covered in Christmas lights. The warrant, says the publication, noted that the body, "appeared to be set up in some type of shrine."

When and how Carlson died has not yet been released.

Two children were also present in the home during the arrests, says NBC 2. Both the 13-year-old girl and the two-year-old boy were handed over to social services immediately following the arrests; however, OzarkFirst reports that the boy has since been reunited with his father, Miguel Lamboy.

According to the arrest warrants obtained by OzarkFirst, Lamboy lived in the home where the body was found. The warrants state that he opened his home to the seven members on April 27 because they needed a place to stay. At some point, Lamboy left the home and returned to find the mummified body. He tried to leave his home with his son; however, Lamboy states that the members would not allow him to leave with his child.

Love Has Won Leader
LoveHasWon/YouTube Screenshot

Lamboy then decided to flee the home by himself and report the dead body to the Salida Police Department. The report was then handed to the sheriff's office.

The seven followers face charges of child abuse and abuse of a corpse.

The Denver Post adds that another existing member of Love Has Won, Bobby, posted to Facebook Saturday to share that "Mother God had 'ascended.'"

Bobby also told followers: "Mom had told us All this was coming, She prepared the team and All who feel Her for these MOMents sharing frequently stories of 2008 when the Galactics took Mom to the ships and shared with Her this was a death mission."

"We thank everyone for their Full Surrender to the Divine Plan," continued Bobby according to The Denver Post. "Mom will give you the next step in Your Heart in every Present MOMent you're there, MOM ENTers. The team are respectfully honoring the process law enforcement require and we are grateful for their diligence in protecting Humanity."