"It appears to be in exactly the same good condition, but we advise against eating it," said Chris Albury of Dominic Winter Auctioneers.
Prince Harry has launched a new life in America with Netflix and Spotify deals helping to pay for a $14.7 million mansion bought with wife Meghan Markle.
A spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex also rubbished claims he has signed a four-book deal with his publishers.
The late princess is known for her iconic looks, and now one person has painstakingly created a wardrobe of her best vintage outfits.
Prince George is celebrating his eighth birthday on July 22 and his parents William and Kate said he had received "lovely messages."
Prince George, who turns 8 on Thursday, may break with decades of royal tradition and not go to boarding school.
A TikToker has divided opinion by attaching sticky paper to her cats' paws to make them appear bird-like.
"Simone Biles has more than enough going on without her sexual assault being turned into a cheap punch line," a Twitter user wrote in response to Che's jokes.
Jared Leto has embarked on many challenging roles in his career and often transforms himself physically for them, and "House of Gucci" is no exception.
A math teacher in Ohio makes his students' homework more fun by grading with memes, and his method has gone viral online.
Exceptions are being made for children under 12 and people with a medical condition or closely held religious belief that prevents vaccination.
When a female landscaper was told she would need to be a "bodybuilder" to get a job, she wrote a cutting email response which has since gone viral.
The 22-year-old plummeted over 650 feet while filming a video for his channel in Mount Seceda, Italy.
Sunisa Lee, whose parents emigrated from Laos, is the first-ever Hmong American Olympic gymnast and gold medalist.
Disney responded with a brutal statement, labeling Johansson's lawsuit "distressing," suggesting the studio has no intention of backing down.
Prosecutors say the Colombian singer has not paid around $16.4 million in taxes over three years in Spain.
Mina was discovered at her home by an acquaintance who became worried after not being able to establish contact with the former member of K-pop girl band AOA
The musician's new song has gone viral, but not how she might have wanted it to—or has it? Newsweek investigated the online claims that it's all just a social experiment.
The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic led the tributes on social media while announcing the sad news.
Leon Bridges' eclectic third album 'Gold-Diggers Sound' finds the acclaimed singer-songwriter further moving away from the '60s retro-soul feel of his breakout debut
The former Slipknot drummer passed away peacefully in his sleep, his family has confirmed.