"Lupin" is the French thriller on Netflix everybody is talking about. The first 10 episodes are streaming now and viewers have noticed several plot holes in the story of Assane Diop.
We look at the similarities between Annie Murphy's new AMC series "Kevin Can F*** Himself" and Kevin James' controversial sitcom "Kevin Can Wait."
"Elite" season four is streaming on Netflix now and fans have not recovered from the events of the latest series. Newsweek has a full recap of what happened at the end of Elite.
"iCarly" has now released the first three episodes of its reboot, and it is Episode 3 character Willow who has grabbed fans' attention. Here's what we know about the actress who plays her.
"Elite" Season 4 on Netflix sees a new class join Las Encinas, including the three troubled children of a tech millionaire and even an actual prince.
"Lucifer" season five, part two is streaming on Netflix now and fans are still trying to recover from the death of Detective Dan Espinoza in episode 15.
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"Batman Forever" turns 26 this June, leading to renewed calls for a longer director's cut from Joel Schumacher. A number of deleted scenes have emerged that give us an idea of what this would feature.
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Dating back almost 100 years, these 21 zombie movies marked a major moment in the development of the genre as a whole. So, sit back, try not to get bitten, and enjoy this list of notable zombie films—if you dare.
For those looking to get their blood pumping and heart rates up, here are five novels being turned into films in 2021 sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Spears left fans worried for her wellbeing after she took to Instagram to answer questions fans had "written in."
An undated video has surfaced on TikTok, in which Billie Eilish is reportedly heard using a racial slur and a mock Asian accent, while also purportedly speaking African-American Vernacular English.
Paris Jackson was 11 years old at the time of her father Michael Jackson's death in 2009. She sat down with Willow Smith for the "Red Table Talk" podcast and opened up about what he taught her.
The rapper is suing the photographer who shot the cover of his "Reasonable Doubt" album for "exploiting" his likeness without permission.
The "WAP" rapper—whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar—revealed that Vin Diesel himself reached to her to get her on board.
DeAnna Lorraine was among a host of conservative figures who spoke out against Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B's track "WAP."