"He's outta here," Navarro said of Trump, as she stood in the former Trump International Hotel. "He lost the hotel and my ass is here."
The actress said of the rape accusers: "My heart breaks for the women who have courageously and tirelessly fought for justice for over five years."
The Princess of Wales hit the ground running for her royal visit to Boston this week with three outfit changes in the space of the first day.
The royals' U.S. tour began with boos, a speech referencing "colonialism" and a racism scandal at Buckingham Palace.
"Incel" traits must be studied to "detect and prevent risk factors for deviant or violent behavior against women," researchers told Newsweek.
Some accused the singer of photoshopping abs onto her kids, but a fitness influencer told Newsweek that certain people are just naturally muscular.
The White House is preparing to host its first state dinner under the Biden administration on Thursday.
Learn where to catch Roaring Moon, one of the Paradox Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
The trailer for Meghan and Harry's new Netflix show was released in the middle of Kate and William's three-day trip to the U.S.
Basketball star Jaylen Brown gave an apathetic response when asked what it was like playing in front of the Prince and Princess of Wales in Boston on Wednesday.
The late queen's lady-in-waiting resigned after outrage over her racially charged conversation with a Black woman attending a palace reception.
Lady Susan Hussey joined the royal household in 1960 as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II and resigned from her new post on Wednesday.
Lady Susan Hussey quit her honorary role after remarks that made a group of Black women feel like "imposters" in Buckingham Palace, a witness told Newsweek.
Charity boss Ngozi Fulani said she was asked, "Where do your people come from?" having already said she was British during a Buckingham Palace reception.
A montage of the late monarch's memorable Christmas broadcasts has been viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok.
The Prince of Wales and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are celebrating environmental initiatives from around the globe.
A former senior U.K. counter-terror police officer said there had been "many, serious credible threats against Meghan."
Christine McVie, a keyboardist, co-lead vocalist and songwriter for Fleetwood Mac, passed away on Wednesday at age 79.
The late Fleedwood Mac keyboardist/singer told an interviewer in 2016 of how she wrote the fan favorite track.
The annual Spotify Wrapped left some listeners confused as they took a look at the types of genres they listened to over the course of the year.
The legendary Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter and keyboardist passed away at the age of 79.
"I would kill just to do one week, all of us playing our own roles on Mean Girls on Broadway," Seyfried said.
Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy have spoken publicly about their daughter's murder trial over the death of their granddaughter Caylee.