Newsweek talks to Ewan McGregor and best friend Charley Boorman about their new epic motorcycle series 'Long Way Up' which reunites them on a 13,000-mile journey from the southernmost tip of South America to L.A. But this time they have to plug in as they go—they're riding electric Harleys.
Goodall talks to Newsweek about the pandemic, her new documentary and the most important message she hopes her life's work leaves behind.
While your European vacation is on hold for the time being, some countries are allowing in U.S. travelers. Here's a country-by-country guide of where you can still travel at the moment.
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women's right to vote in the U.S., we look at other impressive female advancements over the past 100 years.
At the world's southernmost city, while coronavirus slams the world, the tall ship Bark Europa set sails an epic saga of 80 days at sea, a journey that hasn't been done since the beginning of the 19th century.
British eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor creates eerie undersea worlds that blend sculpture and marine life, creating havens for coral to regenerate and new ecosystems to thrive.
Looking to up the ante on your next adventure? Here are some extreme vacations that will stimulate thrill seekers cerebral and physical predilections for danger, risk and fantasy.
Every country has its own traditions and take on self-care. In Finland, it involves steamy saunas and icy dips; in Tibet, sound vibrations are believed to heal and harmonize the body; and in the United States, floating in darkened soundproof pods to chill out is enjoying a renaissance.
An oasis of peace in a turbulent part of the world filled with biblical history and dramatic desert wonders, Jordan is about as otherworldly as you can get here on Earth.
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The Olympics—and your dream trip to Japan—may have been canceled this year, but with help from Google Earth, you can still see Japan's top 20 attractions, including Mount Fuji and Hashima Island.
Over the past six decades, the iconic doll has changed hairstyles, facial expressions, and held more than 200 jobs. Take a look at some of Barbie's most memorable moments over the years up to 2020's new Barbie Extra.
Netflix's new food and travel docuseries spans the globe as it makes over failing restaurants that try to get by on their beautiful views alone. We talk to the hosts about filming, the telltale sign a restaurant will be mediocre, the dish they'd travel for and more.
1960s rocker Wayne Kramer brings music workshops and equipment to prisons like the one where he served time.
Astrotourism is taking off, and these are the best places—on our planet, at least—to witness the dazzling display of luminous balls of gas that we call stars.
While the fate of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics hangs in the balance due to the coronavirus pandemic, here's a look at other cities that have succeeded in creating structures that have stood the test of time and continue to be as awe-inspiring and groundbreaking as the games themselves.
From a camel library service in Kenya to book-carrying-robots in Sydney, these unique libraries keep the magic of reading alive.
Vineyard technology is extending from robots to the creation of a new type of disease-resistant grape that may be the solution for the wine region's future production.
From spectacular meteor showers to rare eclipses, these are the best times to plan a stargazing vacation spent under the night sky.
Tom Turich and his four-legged friend Savannah have traveled over 16,000 miles together across 33 countries.
From pagan tribes in Pakistan to Inuits in Greenland, traditional tribes aren't disappearing, just transitioning.
Though Jamaican artists have been pigeon-holed or marginalized, they're finally taking off stateside. Meet Koffee, the first female artist to take home the Grammy for best reggae album—at 19 years old.
Music lovers know they'll be able to hear jazz in New Orleans and reggae in Kingston, but here are some other surprising sounds worth taking note of across the globe.
Since 1850, Domaine Laroche has been upholding the traditions of Chardonnay winemaking that were first established back when the abbots of St Martin de Tours first settled in the French region of Chablis more than 1,000 years ago.
Caves have an almost primal appeal—they hold the secrets to our past and are mysterious in and of themselves. They are home to mini-ecosystems that are otherwise impossible above ground and are the last vestige of exploration.
While many of the famed dynastic families of the world have died out or been replaced by democracies, there are still a handful still ruling the roost.
Los Angeles is canvas of great 20th and 21st-century architecture if you know where to look.
Choosing where to eat in Paris' Marais district can be touch and go - unless you know where to look.
Meet Frederick Phiri: the Zambian welder who turns scrap metal into stunning works of art
After President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn in on Tuesday, Tom Hanks will host a 90-minute special celebrating the pair's arrival to the White House.
The former MLB player has long been a vocal Trump supporter and has repeatedly pushed baseless claims the election, and Joe Biden's victory, was rigged.
"There's reportedly a lucrative market for pardons," Colbert joked during his Monday night monologue, with the president reportedly due to pardon more than 100 people.
"LA's Finest" on Netflix is a spin-off to the "Bad Boys" trilogy, which expands the world of the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence movies via the return of a "Bad Boys 2" character.
Meghan Markle's "anguished" letter to her father was published by a tabloid in a "plain and serious invasion" of her privacy, a court filing claims.
"WandaVision" Episode 2 saw a man in a bee-keeper's outfit emerge from a drain, and fans have plenty of theories as to who he is and what he could mean for the Disney+ show.