"It is more common rebound in leather, so a copy like this, particularly in fine condition, is highly desirable to collectors," said book specialist Heather Weintraub.
The photographer, who was only taking photos as a favor to the newlywed couple, did it after being denied a break.
Newsweek spoke to Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield and writer Abe Sylvia about their new biopic "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," out in theaters on September 17.
Fans of acclaimed sitcom "Community" have been patiently awaiting a movie adaptation since the show came to an end in 2015.
The young boy's charming response to meeting Snow White and Sleeping Beauty at Disney World left some people in tears.
Whenever his owner is cooking in the kitchen, Buddy the sable cannot help but get a little excited...
"The Premise" is the new anthology series created by "The Office" star and award-winning writer B.J. Novak.
Mike Richards stepped down from his role as "Jeopardy!" host just nine days after his appointment was announced.
The controversial host will soon be back on television as part of Rupert Murdoch's new channel.
Lil Nas X's latest stunt ahead of his album release has left some people genuinely confused.
"Sex Education" has made Netflix subscribers wait over 18 months for season 3, but the new episodes are ready to be released in time for the weekend.
Many cats have an aversion to water, but this black and white feline thought nothing of going for a dip in the sea.
Ph.D. Yale student Matt Amodio has solidified his position as the third most successful "Jeopardy!" contestant ever, stretching his winning streak to 21 games.
A health care worker was filming a funny video in a hospital, but what she didn't know was that her manager was secretly recording her.
Tony nominee Matthew Lopez is to write a screenplay "reimagining" the 1992 romantic thriller that starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.
The Sussexes' appearance for Time100 lends credibility to their Oprah Winfrey interview, a reputation expert has told Newsweek.
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return for Season 2 of their award-winning drama "The Morning Show."
Take a tour of some of America's most expensive apartments.
"Lucifer" may have dropped its sixth and final season, but Dan Espinoza star Kevin Alejandro hinted to Newsweek he would be open to seeing a "Lucifer" film.
"Sex Education" is returning with Season 3 on Netflix, but what the show decided to do with Eric at the end of the last season still feels problematic for many LGBTQ+ people.
Pop superstar Britney Spears announced her engagement to model, actor and personal trainer Sam Asghari on Sunday.
One person commenting on the video said the woman should be given a PhD in "How to Mom."
Britain's next king is "hiding behind others" an ex-minister tells Newsweek, amid a third resignation in two weeks at his charity hit by cash-for-honors allegations.
Mehdi Rajabian hopes his new album "Coup of Gods," produced with Harvey Mason Jr.'s help, will garner enough international attention to ease his oppression.
Independence Day is celebrated across Mexico with fireworks, fiestas and parades on September 16. This year also marks the 200th anniversary of the end of Spanish rule.
"America's Got Talent" has crowned its 2021 winner.
"They said that they're open to me to choosing a platform to do a Live but they never have taken that off the table for me to come to the White House," the rapper said on Instagram.
Nicki Minaj has faced criticism this week, after tweeting that her cousin's friend experienced impotence after taking the COVID vaccine.
There are so many questions needing answering from the events of "Sex Education" Season 2, the brand new series could not come soon enough.
Along with the sun setting, the conclusion of Yom Kippur is marked by a long shofar blast at the end of services.