Meghan and Harry have sent gifts to William, Kate and their three children in a sign the brothers may mend a rift that dates back at least three years.
The conservative Fox News host labeled socially aware activism a "kind of childish sideshow that plays out mostly on college campuses and public radio shows."
Mulaney has been open about his past struggles with substance abuse and addiction and has often referenced his use of drugs and alcohol in his comedy routines.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face fresh claims they flouted pandemic rules during a Christmas light festival where they socialised with other royals.
"Industry" ended its first season with a potential cast shake-up which could mean a huge change for Robert Spearing according to the actor who plays him, Harry Lawtey.
A knock on the Bachelorette's door led to yet another cliffhanger.
Bachelor Nation is heartbroken for good reason.
Fans are convinced that an eliminated man will actually re-enter the lineup on Monday night.
You can represent the Kanto and Johto regions with these stylish new eyeglasses.
A popular (and controversial) TikTok user has responded to people who have been shaming his plus-size body as he documents his attempts at getting in shape.
"Shout out to the stylist at 'Elle' who dressed Martin Shkreli's ghosted girlfriend in The Vampire's Wife for the accompanying photoshoot," someone wrote on Twitter. "We love a subtle fashion burn."
We won't know for sure, though, until Tuesday night's finale.
The pandemic has made 2020 a rough year for many people, so Kim Kardashian West has offered to give 1,000 people $500.
"The government really be saying 'Let Them Eat Cake' with this $600 nonsense," one user chided on Twitter.
The former "Hotel Impossible" host predicts when travel will return to normal.
These content creators wrapped gifts like T-shirts and cutting boards to make them look like harps and scooters.
The "Machete" actor, 76, donated food from his Trejos Tacos restaurant at the socially distanced drive-through event.
"It's still 2008 in my home. That is, my 6-year-old son assumes Obama is president, he knows Biden is president-elect, but he has no idea Trump exists," the mom apparently wrote in a Facebook post.
Read here to find out all the postage changes that will go into effect in 2021.
Despite its reputation for being an app exclusively for Generation Z, TikTok has become a platform for viewers—and creators—of every age. From a pint-sized toddler chef to a charming grandad, these two TikToker stars are shaking up the app.
Jupiter and Saturn are set to appear close together in the sky in a major celestial event known as the Great Conjunction.
Pre-production on "The Mandalorian" Season 3 is already underway.
The $600 stimulus checks have been deemed an "insult" and a "joke" by critics on Twitter.
Netflix introduced its top 10 charts for the first time in 2020, meaning that we now know the series that the people were watching all over the world.
"I realize it's hard for many people to accept that…Martin is not a psychopath," Christie Smythe tweeted.
The best thing about 2021 won't be simply that it isn't 2020. From science to space, healthcare to business, sports to entertainment, these are the events and people that will bring us joy next year.
The fourth episode of the final season is titled, "From One Hand to Another."
There are plenty of clues on their individual Instagram accounts.
In a year that has been filled with far too many dark days, the world has some unique ways to celebrate the return of the sun on Winter Solstice.