The spoof clip was so convincing some fans thought it was what the "A Quiet Place" actress actually said.
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To promote his new album, "MONTERO," Lil Nas X put up a series of ironic billboards across Los Angeles. His debut studio album is out now.
"There's something about Tammy Faye that says what is different about you is what is special about you,' Jessica Chastain tells Newsweek about playing Tammy Faye Messner in the new film 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye.'
Actress Priyanka Chopra has revealed that she was "moved" by criticism of planned reality show "The Activist."
The Duke of York has been accused of "actively evading" formal efforts to serve him with a lawsuit on behalf of Virginia Giuffre.
The 60-year-old musician told fans in New Jersey "We have the power to change things."
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The late scientist known for her pioneering research on green tea was the first woman doctor of agriculture in Japan.
Season 3 of "Sex Education" is finally here, but where is the comedy-drama filmed and where is it set? Here's the lowdown...
"Everybody's Talking About Jamie" on Amazon sees Richard E Grant put on a wig, dress and heels for the first time to become drag queen Loco Chanelle.
The new Korean drama starring Lee Jung-jae sees 456 people battle it out in a series of survival games for a 46.5 billion Korean won prize.
One person stated that the actor was allegedly asking customers inappropriate questions, such as if they'd like to engage in group sex
Powell was a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer-contracted actress who appeared in 21 feature films in her career, from 1944-1999.
The Duke of Cambridge says the climate debate is "too negative" as he presents a potentially career-defining project that aims to tackle the crisis.
The Mouse House has produced some major hits.
From house cats sitting in the driver's seat of a car to a dog who has figured out how to talk to its owner, these videos show how human-like pets can become.
When her red-brown puppy's fur started to turn white, a pet owner realized the breeder had dyed the dog, as well as lying about its age and sex.
"It is more common rebound in leather, so a copy like this, particularly in fine condition, is highly desirable to collectors," said book specialist Heather Weintraub.
The photographer, who was only taking photos as a favor to the newlywed couple, did it after being denied a break.
Newsweek spoke to Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield and writer Abe Sylvia about their new biopic "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," out in theaters on September 17.
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The young boy's charming response to meeting Snow White and Sleeping Beauty at Disney World left some people in tears.