"As a first-generation college student myself, I know how intimidating it can be to take that leap and pursue your educational dreams," Obama wrote in a caption to an Instagram post announcing the show, which will follow four college freshmen from across the country as they navigate college.
Season 5 was only uploaded to the streaming platform in October.
In a Reddit AMA, 'The Witcher' showrunner described how Season 2 will introduce a more complex portrayal of the Nilfgaardian Empire, tell a more linear story and may even introduce a few more witchers.
Big Hit Entertainment announced an official comeback date on Tuesday.
"It's funny and joyous and also your heart breaks and then you love them."
The music festival runs in Manchester, Tennessee, from June 11 through June 14.
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"Power" Season 6 has just a few more episodes left until we find out who killed Ghost and what the final fates will be for all the characters in the Starz series.
"Schitt's Creek" Season 6 starts this January. Here's how you to watch the family adventures of the Rose family online and when the series is coming to Netflix.
The actress is best known for playing inmate Lorna Morello in the hit Netflix dramedy, which ended in 2019.
"Dracula" Season 2 could be coming soon to BBC and Netflix according to recent comments by the showrunners, despite that very final ending to the series.
Trebek, with 35 years of 'Jeopardy!' and over 50 years of hosting game shows under his belt, has a salary that is one to beat.
It began with a tweet from Brown which read, "square up @LoganPaul," and led to a reply from Paul saying, "I'd drop you faster than the Patriots."
While Vanna White continues to serve as host of 'Wheel of Fortune,' Pat Sajak's daughter Maggie stepped in as the new letter-turner.
"NCIS" Season 17, Episode 11 may be the final appearance of Ziva David on the show, leaving fans wondering whether we will finally get her reunion with Tony DiNozzo on the CBS show.
"FBI: Most Wanted" is getting a full series on CBS featuring a cast led by Julian McMahon and Kellan Lutz following a backdoor pilot in 2019.
No people of color were nominated in any of this year's four acting categories.
"Maleficent 2" will be streaming very soon on Disney+, giving fans of the Angelina Jolie franchise another chance to watch "Mistress of Evil."
"For someone who was so naïve and innocent, she ended up in the middle of absolutely everything. Every bit of drama you could run into," says Chris Harrison.