"I don't want to be known as the oldest guy who went to space—I'm bloody Captain Kirk, for God's sake," Shatner told a crowd at New York Comic-Con.
An official said that "the individuals involved in this incident demonstrated an unmatched amount of empathy and concern for their fellow soldier in crisis."
However, the dean of Toledo Cathedral justified the video as part of the current culture and thinks it could help bring more people back to the church.
"I walk out with boxes of tacos in my purse and I look back and I was like, 'thank you for this experience, you will never hear from me again,'" Elyse Myers said.
Despite receiving an apology, the Redditor is insistent about getting the matter resolved.
The transgender writer and showrunner announced she will no longer work with Netflix after it debuted Dave Chappelle's controversial special, "The Closer."
Along with Facebook, users are reporting that Facebook-owned apps Instagram and WhatsApp are also down.
After donning his disguise, medical student Milad Rouf threw sulfuric acid over his former girlfriend and a former colleague when she answered the door.
The comedian remained unrepentant amid the criticism he's faced for jokes in his recent Netflix special that many feel are anti-LGBTQ+.
Veronica Green told Newsweek about her time on "RuPaul's Drag Race UK" and her exit from the show.
"No Time to Die" has a final surprise for viewers after the end credits—and one that you will not expect after the dramatic events of the finale.
Actor Fran Kranz's first attempt at writing and directing a feature film has resulted in the Awards contender "Mass." He tells Newsweek how he made the movie.
The discovery of a very luxurious cocaine-snorting kit was made when one person took it upon themselves to clear out their grandmother's stuff.
The trick was a revelation for many with one person thanking her and writing "I'm almost 60 and never knew this."
The dramatic photos showcase the devastation left in the wake of 1,100 degress Celsius lava and the toxic fumes created as it hits the ocean.
Victoria Scone spoke to Newsweek about her shock exit from "Drag Race UK" after sustaining a knee injury.
Stella Cocchi, who turns 2 next month, has warmed hearts online with her enthusiastic reaction to hit quiz show "Jeopardy!"
Chris Laundrie accompanied law enforcement officials to search Florida's Carlton Reserve.
The star tragically died on December 20, 2009, at age 32. HBO Max's documentary asks the question: "What Happened, Brittany Murphy?"
One couple brought their wedding back to the nineties by getting a photographer to snap photographs of them using a Game Boy Camera.
Former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson released the video for her new track, "Boyz," on Friday morning, and has faced a barrage of criticism in the hours since.
"I think it's that people love to portray a divorced woman as spinning out of control," the singer told Vogue.
Survival drama "Squid Game" has been criticised for being "sexist" and "misogynistic," despite topping the Netflix charts in 83 countries. Here's five reasons why it's not.
One internet sleuth claimed to see "a hand reaching out" of the flower bed and said: "Stranger things have happened."
Margaret Qualley impresses with her recent turn in the new Netflix series "Maid," but it's not the first major project you'll have seen her in.
"My Brilliant" Friend is coming back to HBO after two hugely popular seasons with critics and fans - gaining an average rating of 95.5 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
Some huge news has been announced for "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" fans. Kiernan Shipka, aka Sabrina Spellman the Teenage Witch, has joined the cast of "Riverdale" Season 6.
When it comes to bath time this husky tries everything she can to avoid getting washed in the tub—and it's hilarious to watch!
Lashana Lynch is a newcomer to the James Bond franchise in "No Time to Die," but her character has been entrusted with its most iconic codename.
Netflix's popular new series "Maid" not only stars Margaret Qualley, it draws upon real events. Here's the real life story that inspired the show.