Stars from the world of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, This Is Spinal Tap and Happy Days were among those to pay tribute.
Rosie was suffering from painful glaucoma when she arrived at her rescue center and had to undergo surgery.
Rick and Morty find themselves on a mission resonant of "National Treasure" in Season 5 Episode 6 on Adult Swim.
Naomi Osaka will hit the Olympic court in a matter of days. Born to a Japanese mother and a Haitian father, Osaka has become a global tennis icon.
The 27-year-old quarterback drew derision for repeating the defence used by Marjorie Taylor Greene earlier this week.
The young girl was awarded a voucher for free airfare on Icelandair worth 50,000 Icelandic Króna — about $400.
A dog's color perception may be limited but they have other enhanced visual capabilities, such as better night vision.
A video of President Biden making a point of drinking with one hand has been viewed more than 576,000 times on Twitter.
These famous faces have prestigious degrees under their belts, or were about to before Hollywood came calling.
Here are the friendliest canines—including Labradors and German Shepherds—according to the American Kennel Club.
Heatwave heroes save mom and her pup after smashing their way into a car left in stifling heat.
Even though the recording quickly went viral, local legal authorities didn't press charges against the woman until nearly two months later.
The decision means the custody battle over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's five children could be starting over.
The official Disney Parks account said: "Who does he think he is? That Gaston tangled with the wrong person."
Megan Suri joins the cast of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" as Devi's rival, Aneesa Qureshi.
Leah Remini recently held a massive soiree for her 51st birthday with several A-listers in attendance.
In "Old", one character constantly wonders about a particular film while his fellow beach friends try to save them from impending death.
The project has been put on hold "until full consultation with New Zealand's Muslim community has taken place."
M Night Shyamalan is known for ending many of his movies with a bolt from the blue and has been doing so for almost 30 years of filmmaking.
The House Bunny star shared that she and Michael Barrett tied the knot at a local courthouse in Washington state after they decided to elope.
Dominic Burgess portrays Jerry Summers in "Dr. Death", the Peacock true-crime series about the disgraced spinal surgeon, Dr. Christopher Duntsch.
"13 Reasons Why" star Tommy Dorfman announced in an interview published on Thursday she has been living as a woman for a year.
Created in collaboration with a Japanese animation studio, the interactive Google Doodle game pays homage to 16-bit video games from Japan.
Which Indiana Jones movie beats the others in the franchise? Here's the rundown.
"Virgin River" is the American romantic-drama series following the life of Mel, a nurse in a small U.S. town called Virgin River.
"Old" is the latest plot-twisting movie from the director known for his work on the "Unbreakable" trilogy, "The Sixth Sense", and "Signs".
Kanye West, who unveiled his latest album on Thursday, famously supported Donald Trump during his presidency—before running against him in 2020.
Speculation is growing over the conservative figure who will be chosen to replace Meghan McCain on the ABC show.
It would not be a Kanye West album unless it had release delays and a surprise listening party, but nevertheless, it seems his new album "Donda" is almost here.
Certain dog breeds are more at risk of being overweight, but there are easy steps owners can make to help avoid obesity.