"Raised By Wolves" has now aired its season finale, and showrunner Aaron Guzikowski has spoken to Newsweek about what that Mother and Father cliffhanger means.
Judges have teased a truly wild episode, and we're ready to watch.
"But I can compromise if the dog and the baby come together," Woody tells his wife Amani in the Newsweek exclusive "Married at First Sight" sneak peek.
A lottery winner lost out on the chance to collect her winnings after her package sent by certified mail disappeared.
Other items for purchase on Biden's campaign merchandise site include stickers, tee shirts, masks and even a cat collar that reads "No Meowlarkey."
You've had ample time to watch all five seasons of "Highway to Heaven," but now that time has run out.
The actor also criticized commentator Ben Shapiro in a response to his tweet warning about white supremacists.
"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by," the president said during the debate on Tuesday night. "But I'll tell you what, somebody's gotta do something about Antifa and the left. This is not a right-wing problem. This is a left-wing problem."
The "Newsweek" Culture Team team shares some of their favorite podcasts, and why they love them endlessly.
Kessinger opened up about their relationship in 2018.
The lawsuit comes months after Clarkson filed for a divorce from estranged husband Brandon Blackstock.
The dog was brought to a pet store located in a parking complex to try to bring in business, and while the giant pup may have a face that only a mother could love,
The country star and songwriter who penned hits for Elvis, Dolly, and others, passed away yesterday.
Meghan Markle was brought to tears by George Floyd's killing in police custody, she has revealed.
When questioned about being protective of 14-year-old Barron on a recent podcast, Clinton urged: "He's a kid, he's a kid like leave him alone."
Yeun stars as the father in a family of immigrants in the trailer for the upcoming A24 movie "Minari."
"Trump's allegiances couldn't have been any clearer in that debate if his hair were on fire—and it was. #BidenHarris #TeamHuman #GoliathWillFall," Jim Carrey tweeted on Wednesday.
"It was quite entertaining, at least it was over after 1.5hrs not like some Star Wars films of late!!" one Twitter user responded to Hamill's tweet.
The documentary relies heavily on the mother's social media posts.
Meghan Markle could make bad publicity worse unless she drops her tabloid privacy case following a setback this week, experts tell Newsweek.
With a fictional "912" emergency line, Adam Mansbach and A'Darius Bell hilariously respond to people who are too quick to call the police in everyday situations.
One of the "Mad Men" actress' latest post about bathing in beer has raised a few eyebrows—in the best possible way.
Netflix in September was dominated by three big TV shows including "Cobra Kai"—though a children's show about nursery rhymes gave a surprise challenge to series like "Away" and "Ratched."
They're literally neighbors, as weird as it seems.
"The Good Place" has finally released its most recent season onto Netflix—but fans of the show should not expect to see Season 5 on the streamer.
Netflix released major films in September like "The Devil All the Time" to "The Social Dilemma," but it was the story of a band of tiny blue people that dominated the top 10 movies chart this month.