The K-pop boy band have released a new single and a teaser of the music video for it ahead of their forthcoming all-English album "All About Luv," which is out on February 14 next year.
Hausner describes how her chilling new movie uses a brain-altering flower to mirror how humans wear masks for the benefit of others.
In a viral tweet, Taylor Swift said she had written a new Christmas song but was wondering if she should release it and sought advice from her three cats.
Timberlake issued his wife a public apology after being caught holding hands with his "Palmer" co-star.
This year's YouTube Rewind is "less about this is what we want to say about YouTube and more about saying here's what you guys like, here's what you are into."
"Star Wars" fans can finally get their hands on the adorable plush of The Child, but will have to wait a while for delivery.
"Truth Be Told" is the latest show from Apple TV+, starring Octavia Spencer as the host of a true crime podcast.
The third film was announced in March 2019.
A third edition of the minimalist artwork by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is being sold for $150,000.
"Marriage Story" starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson has been wowing critics and audiences during its cinematic release and is coming to Netflix this December.
In a clip from a NATO reception that went viral on Wednesday, world leaders including Boris Johnson appeared to make fun of the U.S. president.
"Vikings" Season 6 began with Ivar meeting Oleg and the Rus Vikings, based on a real historical group of Russian Vikings.
After Patti LaBelle's stunning de-masking as The Flower, we're down to seven contestants. Three episodes from the season finale, who will stay masked and who will go home?
Thingamajig may have asked judge Nicole Scherzinger on a date.
On "The Voice," Legend and Clarkson performed a duet of their version of the song, with revised lyrics.
While the story of the newly announced "Planet of the Apes" is still under wraps, director Wes Ball seems to be hinting that it won't be a complete reboot.
"People" magazine names its "People of the Year": Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.
Our taste buds change when we're flying. So how can you have the optimum wine experience while onboard? We talk to Singapore Airlines' very own airline sommelier, Jeannie Cho Lee, to find out what to sip in the sky.