On Tuesday evening, after the rally at Eppley Airfield, hundreds of Trump supporters were stranded in the freezing cold.
The 51-year-old rapper said he would have preferred to have a one-on-one call with the vice presidential nominee.
A local Los Angeles news station caught a scene on the streets getting dangerously out of hand.
Trump supporters were stuck in the cold after buses did not show up following the president's Omaha rally. Celebrities criticized Trump and his campaign for the people that were stranded in the cold.
"[Feeling] good and healthy!" Ronaldo wrote alongside a photo shared on social media on Wednesday.
"Fortunately, President Caveman stopped just short of telling 'suburban women' that they better have a nice dress on and dinner ready when their husbands get home from work," one Twitter user chided.
A lowdown of the idyllic private island that allowed KK and her guests to "pretend things were normal" at her 40th Birthday party.
"Grand Army" Season 2 could be coming soon to Netflix, and the cast has been asked about whether there will be more episodes. Here's what they said.
"Unsolved Mysteries" Volume 2 sees the Netflix show investigate six new cases—and tips are coming in every day about mysteries like Lester Eubanks' whereabouts and Jennifer Fairgate's true identity.
"I have a 15-year-old daughter, I watched that, I was kinda grossed out by it," Kennedy said in an interview with Trump's attorney.
"Borat 2" sees Vice President Mike Pence's speech at CPAC interrupted by Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as Donald Trump—and many viewers are waiting for the Veep's reaction to the scene.
"Blood of Zeus" on Netflix is a new anime spin on Greek mythology, focusing on Zeus' son Heron among a world of Gods and Titans.
Far-right conspiracy theorist Jones was banned from a number of platforms last year, including Spotify.
"This Is Us" Season 5 began with a shock reveal about Randall Pearson's birth mother—and the showrunner has said more details will come quickly.
The Seven Wonders of the World are famous, but what about those that didn't quite make the cut? Take our word for it—they are just as worth seeing.
Dale Moss was the center of the episode, but there's so much more to unpack.
It looks like Clare Crawley is leaving the show soon.
Crawley and Moss may have experienced love at first sight.
The Utah man may have an "aggressive" moment with the Bachelorette.
Tayshia Adams was on site before Crawley decided to leave the show, spoilers claim.
A few of high-profile names how sat out the last election and where they stand now.
Catherine Oxenberg and Mark Vicente were some of the first to comment.
"Good for you. I lost four months of pay, still tied up with unemployment and have seen a significant drop in future earnings," one user fired back on Twitter.
She expressed gratitude for all the support she's received both from those she's close with and strangers, following her miscarriage.
You won't believe which coach prevented Tanner Gomes from getting a four-chair-turn on the upcoming episode of "The Voice."
"Gender harassment is the most common type of harassment in Hollywood and was experienced by 62 percent males and 67 percent of females," according to the study led by Anita Hill. Yeah, THAT Anita Hill.
Both "Voice" stars have sung on each other's songs where they sang about their relationship, prior to announcing their engagement on Tuesday.
Fox News had a big month across the board, with "Tucker Carlson Tonight" leading the way with a historic October.
"Politicians are there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything," the quote reads.