A bride was left red-faced when she set her bouquet alight before her first dance, as alarmed onlookers ran to the rescue.
Newsweek has the full rundown of the six shocking revelations from "What Happened, Brittany Murphy" on HBO Max.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's "clever" ethical investment partnership "could be deadly from a brand perspective," a reputation expert tells Newsweek.
Jose Martinez said he has no regrets about how he dealt with the woman in the video, which has been viewed over 71 million times.
A video of a retired businessman sharing his life advice and story of his wealth from the front seat of his Bentley has gone viral online.
Matt Amodio has admitted that he became worried while auditioning for "Jeopardy!" once he realized that being knowledgeable was only one part of the criteria.
The TV host has embraced his eclectic style more than ever and fans are loving it.
The anonymous British artist's pieces have previously been sold for as high as nearly $20 million. But how much will his latest work up for auction be worth?
"Conversations With Friends" star Joe Alwyn set tongues wagging after posting an image of himself shirtless from behind the scenes of the upcoming Hulu series.
Harry and Meghan sparked more discussion in one day than Prince William and Kate Middleton did in all of September, according to research for Newsweek.
One union backing the strike over healthcare, holiday pay and vacation time said the image was "worth a thousand words."
Duane Chapman confirmed he and his team have made many attempts to contact Laundrie family members.
"The Sex Lives of College Girls" is the new HBO Show from "Never Have I Ever" creator and star, Mindy Kaling.
Matt Amodio's "Jeopardy!" win streak ended on Monday after 38 victories—and many fans accused him of orchestrating his loss.
A viral video that appears to show a young boy being kidnapped by an alien is actually just the result of a very clever Halloween costume and skillful acting.
"America's Got Talent" star Howie Mandel was taken to a Los Angeles-area hospital after passing out in a local Starbucks.
Smash Mouth, the '90s rock band that wrote the hit "All Star" are now one member down after lead singer Steve Harwell quit.
Megan Fox has announced her first ever fashion collaboration, working with Boohoo to release a collection with pieces inspired by her rockstar boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly.
The royal said great minds should instead focus on 'trying to repair this planet'—a day after William Shatner took Jeff Bezos' sub-orbital rocket.
"Advanced, civilized countries are orderly and they're clean—people don't throw McDonald's out the window," Carlson said on "Vince & Jason Save The Nation."
PornHub releases annual year-in-review data about search trends, and a map has surfaced suggesting Kevin James is at the center of one state's preferences.
Healthy dog treats are among the most effective ways to teach your puppy some new tricks while keeping them slim.
"I'm a healthy person, I exercise constantly, I'm always taking vitamins, I take care of myself," Rogan said as his reasons for not getting the vaccine.
Gruden, who was gay player Carl Nassib's head coach, used anti-gay slurs when referring to another gay athlete.
"I believe it is disgusting to say that there is extremism and that we need to root out extremists inside our military, inside our veterans," Cawthorn said.
Officials say between 7,000 and 10,000 unowned cats currently roam Delray Beach, Florida.
"It was a very, very expensive and weird gift for a wedding," the Reddit poster said.
The man now faces at least eight felony charges including aggravated assault charges as well as robbery.
Omar Yacob Bamadhaj said he was coerced into confessing for fear that authorities would also hang his father who was in the car with him.
The wax figures at Dubai's Madame Tussauds include a sultry Kylie Jenner, a beaming Chinese President Xi Jinping and a handful of Bollywood dance stars.