"[T]he very laws that are supposed to protect us are being used to kill us," the attorney said.
"Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" has a very loyal fanbase, but the show has not been renewed for Season 3 by NBC yet.
Horror films are notoriously hard to crack. Here's a roundup of the worst remakes and low-budget flicks offering cheesy thrills, according to reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
Doug Kiker was reportedly taken into custody in Mobile, Alabama, following a domestic violence incident.
The Friends Experience and Booking.com are offering "The Ultimate Sleepover" for fans of the beloved sitcom.
The genetics of each breed can determine its personality, drives—and ultimately how likely the dog is to obey its owner.
The British singer, who survived a near-fatal bout with COVID-19 last year, just released a new album with musician Warren Ellis, featuring her readings of British Romantic poetry.
Queen Elizabeth II and her family have to follow numerous royal customs, traditions and protocols, which new entrants into the royal family sometimes struggle to keep up with.
These movie sequels manage to improve on their predecessors, according to MetaCritic reviews.
The animal welfare organization Safe Hands Animal Rescue in Minnesota brought a group of adorable animals to roam the SEA LIFE Aquarium in the Mall of America on Thursday.
In Barry Jenkins' new series, Thuso Mbedu plays protagonist Cora Randall, who is pursued by villainous slave catcher Arnold Ridgeway, played by Joel Edgerton.
A cat owner returned home to find their pet having what appeared to be an identity crisis, as she repeatedly attacked her own reflection.
"Halston" features a memorable scene in which a woman dies in the air vents trying to sneak into the legendary nightclub Studio 54. But did it really happen?
Barry Jenkins' series "The Underground Railroad" premieres on Amazon today. The drama, based on a Pulitzer-winning novel, follows a young woman's bid for freedom.
"Halston" on Netflix details the often tempestuous relationships between the designer and his lovers, but there are plenty of details the show changed or left out.
Pop culture and celebrity news fans have been having a field day with the news of Bennifer's reunion—but none more so than actress Jennifer Lawrence.
A shopper visiting the Venice branch of Erewhon was surprised to find a bottle of water priced at $12.49.
Many mainstream car manufacturers now sell hybrid cars—so which is the most popular in the U.S?
"Young Sheldon" has come to the end of its most recent season on CBS. Here's what we know about the status of Season 5 and the future of the "Big Bang Theory" spin-off.
The Minnesota House approved legalization of the drug, but the bill is likely to die in the GOP-controlled state senate.
The London Fire Brigade issued a warning about a viral craze after it had to rescue dozens of teenagers trapped in playground swings designed for younger children.
Chrissy Teigen's cookware line was sold exclusively by Target, but that deal ended in December.
We've been introduced to some memorable reality TV stars in 15 years of the Real Housewives franchise.
A Finnish artist who turned his camera skyward 25 years ago has completed an unprecedented image of the Milky Way.
In addition to their many tricks, the talented dogs have been trained to help their owner with an astounding range of household tasks.
This woman recorded her epic journey to get to the women's restroom of a bar, and viewers are shocked at how unsafe the bar's staircases were for its patrons.
Prince Harry told a podcast he no longer needs therapy, four years after he first opened up about the death of his mother Princess Diana.
Prince Harry describes how he "screwed up" on race in his younger years, speaking passionately about unconscious bias in a podcast appearance.
If you are about to finish your cereal, don't throw out the box. A woman on TikTok has come up with a creative way to reuse it.
Dolphins are naturally inquisitive animals, so when they saw one man at an aquarium doing cartwheels they decided to join in.