"When you tweet about my father's birthday, remember that he was resolute about eradicating racism, poverty & militarism," King's youngest daughter, Bernice King, tweeted on Friday.
'90s kids and music buffs may recall the lyrics to "You Get What You Give" sparked a showbiz beef between the New Radicals and shock rocker Marilyn Manson.
"All American" Season 3 is coming to The CW very soon after its most recent set of episodes was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The next episode of "Attack on Titan" is titled "Assault."
"Dude, you're 27 years old. Stand up for yourself and your fiancé," one fan wrote on Reddit recently.
"Batwoman" Season 2 sees a new actor put on the cape and cowl as Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder takes over from Ruby Rose's Kate Kane.
Kentucky senator Paul said said the Republican leadership "will destroy the party" if it backs Trump's impeachment.
"These are real human stories—people trying to find their identity and connect with others and getting over insecurities and abandonment, finding their past and their family, and finding their place in the world," Kevin Kreider told Newsweek.
Meghan Markle hopes to end her tabloid privacy case with a resounding victory during a two-day hearing next week that would avoid both her and her father testifying.
Dr. Jessica Pabón of SUNY at New Paltz has been dealing with backlash following a recent tweet, in which she shared how she used to handle no-context emails from students.
Some women had already boasted about sharing the profiles with the FBI, and now @OverheardDistrict is going to share some obvious out-of-towners that locals saw on dating apps.
Sunday's episode will feature an uncomfortable conversation—especially since the young couple can't share a bed under his parents' roof.
"For me to be able to know that my grandchildren will able to say, 'My grandmother was Batwoman,' that is freaking dope!" the actress told Newsweek recently.
"Please accept this letter as official verification as a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange that you usually use for a real tooth," Shandee Whitehead wrote.
"As the legacy of #BeBest comes to a close at the @WhiteHouse, we must continue to give a voice to our Nation's children and the issues that impact their lives," Melania tweeted on Friday.
In the first two episodes of the just-launched Disney+ series, there seem to be references to two organizations from Marvel Comics.
Debuting on Sunday, "Untold: AJ Styles Royal Rumble Debut" relays how 17 years in the ring built up to one of the best Royal Rumble debuts of all time.
A new year is all about losing extra baggage, especially with all we had to unpack in 2020, but for Unclaimed Baggage, there are treasures to be found in what's left behind. In the last 50 years of reclaiming lost luggage, these are some of the weirdest and one-of-a-kind finds.
The WWE-wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor took to Twitter to issue the reward, telling his followers he will donate a large sum toward finding the culprit.
Dustin Diamond's representatives have confirmed he is being treated for cancer after days of speculation, and former "Saved By the Bell" actors like Mario Lopez have paid tribute to the Screech actor.
"WandaVision" has now released its first two episodes onto Disney+, which give us the MCU as we have never seen it before.
"Hunting Ghislaine Maxwell" host John Sweeney has said the podcast tells "A dark fairy story of our times, about how power and money and connections can, for a time, blind justice."
There are nine confirmed matches for this Saturday's show.
A royal biographer has accused the couple of the "biggest royal sellout in the history of the family."
"Working for Trump and expecting to get paid is like having dinner with Chris Christie and expecting a doggie bag," Kimmel joked on Thursday night.
Last week, Ariel Pink attend the riot at the Capitol and shortly afterward was dropped by his record label, Mexican Summer.
Samantha Markle told Newsweek that social media empowers people to "puff their chest" and "attack books like mine before they come out."
"One Night in Miami" on Amazon Prime Video sees Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown in a room together —a plot that, amazingly, is based on a true story.
The retired icon is slated to appear in an episode centered on the late Brian Pillman.