"American Idol" began in dramatic fashion this week, with original judge Paula Abdul stepping in to take Luke Bryan's place on the ABC show.
Greetings are usually shared when Ramadan is officially announced the night before starting the fast.
Users can find several images and gifs on websites such as Pixabay and Gfycat, as well as on Twitter.
"The Voice" 2021 has been without Kelly Clarkson for the last month—but the singer will be back to mentor Team Kelly very soon on the NBC show.
"American Idol" has revealed its 2021 top 12 – but fan favorite Wyatt Pike was not among them, with Ryan Seacrest announcing that he "had to drop out" of the ABC show.
A new witness in Steven Avery's "Making a Murder" case has just claimed to have seen someone pushing Teresa Halbach's car toward the Avery property, the day police discovered it.
Brazilian plastic surgeon Caren Trisoglio Garcia gained widespread popularity on the app, but she is now under investigation after videos surfaced of her showcasing patients' skin and fat.
When @stationhigh returned to her childhood home after a long time away, she found her former pet donkey, Francis, in bad shape, according to a series of TikToks.
A California nail technician has sparked controversy online for her viral posts in which she puts press-on nails on her dog's paws.
When Lauren Bell was young, she had no idea her father's personal safety advice would one day possibly save her life. She also could never have predicted that videos of her sharing such tips would make her a viral sensation on TikTok.
The coins said "Hortus Bonaticus 1682 - 1982 Amsterdam" and are said to be part of a commemorative collection from Amsterdam's botanical garden
In the video, which has racked up nearly 500,000 views, @mattilathehut shares the unfortunate aftermath of being gifted a DNA testing kit.
The Peter Jackson series' three films were scheduled to return to Chinese theaters this month.
The mother-of-one is well-known for starring in reality series 'Baldwin Hills,' which aired on BET from 2007 until 2009.
Nick Jonas struggles to choose between Rachel Mac and Bradley Sinclair after the duo delivers a performance of Elton John's "Your Song" during the final night of the Battles on "The Voice."
"The Little Rascals" has hit the Netflix most-watched movie chart, nearly 30 years after the film came out. Here's what the actors who played Spanky, Alfalfa and more are doing now.
"My grandfather was a man of service, honor and great humor," Prince Harry said in a statement on Monday.
"We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access," Smith said in a joint statement with director Antoine Fuqua.
Twenty-year-old Wright died after he was shot by an officer during a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center.
The illusionist, called Ying, shared multiple clips showing herself jumping over the structure from various angles going backwards and forwards
Cat breeds come in all shapes of sizes and some fascinating new lines of felines have arrived in recent years.
From Zoom-based horror to coronavirus documentaries, here are the films from the streamers that critics loved the most.
"The Serpent" on Netflix sees Charles Sobhraj eventually punished for his crimes—but the show leaves what happened to Ajay Chowdhury a mystery.
"Fear the Walking Dead" returns for its midseason premiere on AMC with one of its most heartbreaking deaths of the season so far.
"Our dearest sons—my miracle babies, Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy," De La Rosa wrote on Instagram.
"Shameless" came to an end in dramatic fashion with its Season 11 finale on Showtime (spoiler warning).
Netflix has a category dedicated to B-horror movies guaranteed to deliver a fix of ironic blood-splattered entertainment. Grab your popcorn.
"The Nevers" is the new Victorian supernatural series developed by Joss Whedon. Here's who stars in this HBO series about women with superpowers.
From the famous 'Renegade' dance to the 'Blinding Lights' challenge, these 25 songs blew up on TikTok.