Adams has been nominated six times but has never won.
This year's line-up consists of a baker's dozen—13—instead of the usual 12.
Fans already said goodbye to Ruth Wilson's Alison in the Season 4 finale.
"Worrying about what time to post on social media so I can maximize my likes or being mad at myself that I don't look the same way I did when I was addicted to pills is a complete waste of why I was put on this Earth."
Everybody's picking sides in a tumultuous season dubbed, "The Final Betrayal."
Haggerty may stay a while on the show, even though she's not from "The Bachelor."
The world saw how Brown's relationship unraveled on the "Bachelorette" finale in July.
Bisognin married the Swedish YouTube star at Kew Gardens in the U.K. on August 19.
"How many bath sheets do you need to own if you keep the temp at 82 degrees while you sleep?" one Twitter user jokingly asked.
2018 was a great year for female comics, but once again women trail men in pay disparity, with only one woman making Forbes' list of the highest-paid comics in the world: Amy Schumer.
"The Boys" producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have seen the first episode of the second season already.
The renowned author called the ending of the HBO series "freeing."
"Sociopath Caelynn made up lies to create a victim storyline."
"The Conners," "The Good Place," "This is Us" and more.