Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are yet to release new Netflix content 16 months after announcing their multi-year mega deal.
The Google Doodle for January 26, 2022 is dedicated to artist Katarzyna Kobro. Here is all you need to know about the sculptor and why she is being celebrated.
The actor began voicing Charlie Brown in 1963 when he was just nine years old and went on to voice act in several more "Peanuts" cartoons.
"Nobody can expect you to remove a PERSONAL AND RELIGIOUS ARTICLE OF CLOTHING for a wedding," one user commented.
"Our Kind of People" Season 1 ended on Tuesday, January 25. The show followed Yaya DaCosta's Angela Vaughn as she entered the powerful Black elite in Oak Bluffs.
A Long Island woman's brilliant thinking landed a would-be scammer in police custody.
"Parents should've been watching their kids and respected your wishes like you asked," one commenter wrote.
"She is meeting and marrying a guy within a few months. Go to her second wedding," one user said.
Many commenters complimented the TikToker's decorating skills and sent her words of encouragement.
"Someone please tell me what country this is so I can never go there," wrote one commenter.
"God wanted you to leave so badly," said one commenter on the outrageous revelation.
"Lmao a rubber spatula... really?" a TikToker commented.
"They're keeping thousands and thousands of dollars from hundreds of people who were never able to use their services because they don't have the availability they claim to," the woman alleged in the clip.
Redditor u/soleildelalune_ alleged that a guest once "took his freaking socks off and put them on the dining table."
"Your cat looks very confused as to why you haven't melted in the water yet," one commenter said about the photo.
"What MORAL justification do you have for making our jobs harder simply because you're legally allowed to?" the usher asked.
"I'm just gonna set the house on fire and let insurance handle the rest," joked one TikTok commenter.
Engineering manager Amy Schneider now boasts the second-longest "Jeopardy!" win streak of all time, after clinching her 39th consecutive victory on Monday.
"Cut around it, lift the ice out, wait for it to melt and then dry out the AirPod," suggested one commenter.
"If my sons pulled this crap, the consequences would be catastrophic," a Redditor commented.
Neil Young has 6,057,481 monthly listeners on the platform, while The Joe Rogan Experience is the biggest podcast in the world.
"He who brags, usually actually has nothing to brag about...," said one commenter about the man's attempt at trying to impress his date.
"NCIS: Hawai'i" may not have officially crossed over with "NCIS" yet, but the last episode revealed a connection between Jane Tennant and Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have both drawn inspiration from the epaulettes and double-breasted blazers of military-style fashion.
The version on Tencent Video fades to black and displays a brief message saying that police had arrested all the criminals.
"Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage said he's "taken aback" by news of a live-action remake of Disney classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
"My girlfriend always wants to have exactly one bite, exclusively the first bite, of every item I order," the man explained.