"Tommy" may be a new spin-off to "Power" that sees Joseph Sikora's character get involved in the California drug game.
"Riverdale" Season 4 will soon be returning on The CW and Netflix for an episode that sees Riverdale High and Stonewall Prep battle it out on the football field.
You'll have to wake up early to see the sun and Earth's aligning moment.
Is it possible to get the cheapest fare and enjoy a long flight in the not-so-friendly skies of Basic Economy? We talk to a few airline experts to find out.
"This was a situation where, from a humanity perspective, and from what my moral compass was telling me I needed to do, I knew I was right, and I really didn't care about repercussions," Swift told Variety in an interview released Tuesday.
Takeshi Kovacs is the main character of 'Altered Carbon,' set in a future where people can live their lives across multiple bodies. In Season 2 of the Netflix series, the character will be played by Anthony Mackie.
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The episode will pick up right where the winter premiere left off.
"Sex Education" Season 2 gets most of its signature sound from musician Ezra Furman, who has announced he is releasing an album of songs—including fan favorite "Every Feeling"—from the Netflix show.
The NFL star and pageant queen tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in South Africa.
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 10 has done it again, with another roster of A-list guest stars including Jon Hamm, Clive Owen and Mila Kunis.
"Star Trek: Picard" starts this week on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime Video. It will continue the adventures of the beloved Patrick Stewart character.
The South Korean boy band have teased fans with a concept trailer for their forthcoming album, which is slated for release next month.
"Grace and Frankie" Season 6 sees a few returning faces from seasons of the Netflix show's past, as well as cameos from a very famous fivesome.
Ateez fans have been raving over the high-tech glow sticks featuring "aurora" light settings and wireless control mode.
"Green Arrow and the Canaries" is a potential new spin-off to "Arrow" led by Mia Smoak, whose backdoor pilot will air on The CW in January.
The streaming service will feature "The Mandalorian," the first live action "Star Wars" series.
"Power" Season 6 fans have been sharing a video that may reveal who shot the main character. Or could it be one of the fake endings that producers have revealed they filmed?
The final two women for Weber's season may surprise you.