Dean wants someone to travel the world with. Will Caelynn be the perfect partner?
"I really don't think anybody knows this but my mom and the doctor," Iris said.
Ashley Martson previously claimed Kayla might have been pregnant with Jay's child.
"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 5 episode 10 airs soon, but we have spoilers right now. It sounds like somebody is about to get captured.
#ClearTheShelters is trending on social media, with pet-loving users and pet shelters tweeting to encourage others to adopt an animal. The goal of the event is to find homes for as many animals as possible.
Sabrina had the whole human thing going for her, but Salem may have actually been the more relatable character.
The historically controversial thrash metal band was to team with Rick Ware Racing as the primary sponsors of the #54 entry at Saturday's Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.
Peter Fonda died Friday at the age of 79 after a battle with lung cancer; he is survived by his sister Jane, his children Bridget and Justin, and his wife Margaret DeVogelaere.
The pair sat down for an episode of Anderson Cooper 360° and discussed life, death, faith, grief and gratitude.
"Maus" author Art Spiegelman says "international fascism again looms large" after Marvel censored a piece where he compared Trump to villain Red Skull.
"Due to the deodorizing effect the probiotics have on the body, it may reduce the amount of time you need to wash your clothes," says designer Rosie Broadhead.
"I had no idea there was this much uncertainty in medicine," says Sanders, the real-life inspiration for Dr. House and star of the new Netflix medical series "Diagnosis."
"The artists are saddened as they were very much looking forward to performing for their fans at KCON."
"If we #BoycottCVS, we are also saving a rainforest. So, two birds," Handler tweeted.
Normani emerged as a solo artist on Friday with the release of her single, 'Motivation.'
Social media users pointed out Husseini's likeness to "Friends" character Ross Geller last October.
"I think Nicole is the mastermind of that and she's the one using Azan, just saying."
The 78-year-old Oscar-winner was recently fired from the Broadway-bound play "Tea at Five," reportedly for lashing out at crew members.