The reality TV dad claimed Lindsie Chrisley hooked up with both Robby Hayes and Josh Murray.
On Thursday, businesses in Santa Monica put up pink drapery and dropped prices to 1950s levels, as part of a marketing blitz by Amazon.
BTK was active for almost 20 years and wasn't caught until 2005.
The #BoycottMulan trend first gained momentum on Thursday.
Nine new episodes feature details from real-life cases.
Fans around the world are saying #HappyBirthdayMadonna.
"We could leave the Christmas lights up 'til January. This is our place, we make the rules."
It's time for Los Angeles to go to KCON, a convention for fans of Korean pop music; for those who can't make it, the performances are being live-streamed.
"She's got some great responses and the internet was just thrilled."
"Both Olga and I are better human beings, and consequently better partners since we started our yoga practice."
A series depicting Obi-Wan, potentially during his exile on Tatooine, could be announced as soon as the D23 Expo at the end of August.
Most comments ask why the conversation is necessary in the first place.
In Dubai, the punishment for being gay is up to 10 years in prison.
The "Growing Up Chrisley" star's daughter Savannah Chrisley also shared a bible verse in support of her father.
Two commercials were banned on Wednesday in the U.K. that promoted "harmful" gender stereotypes.
Fans shared pictures, quotes and their favorite Nipsey Hussle song lyrics to commemorate California rapper on what would have been his 34th birthday.
They both had pre-show relationships, but one has been openly honest about it.