A TikTok featuring young people clapping and cheering after sharing some harrowing life experiences has inspired others on the app to share their trauma online.
"Locked Down" is the new movie that sees Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor play a couple that finds themselves falling out during the COVID era—and also planning a major jewelry heist.
"Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer" is the latest true crime documentary from Netflix, which tells the story of Richard Ramirez—who would eventually be caught by a 13-year-old-boy.
Many claimed to have seen the "Walker, Texas Ranger" actor taking part in the insurrection on January 6 with some photographs of a man looking like him doing the rounds on social media.
The unconventional singer and girlfriend of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said she was "weirdly enjoying" the experience.
The yearlong celebration will start with Galar and end at the Kanto region later this year.
Prince Andrew's ex-wife recorded a bizarre promotional video to launch her Mills & Boon romantic novel with "parallels from my life," saying—"follow your heart. But do you dare?"
"L.A.'s Finest" is the latest show to be a hit among Netflix viewers, but fans of the Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union show should not expect more episodes of the comedy.
"Imagine that: you take part in one little insurrection to overthrow the United States government and suddenly you can't communicate, you can't fly on an airplane," Meyers said on Tuesday night.
"Married at First Sight" is back on Wednesday for another season of marriage and (hopefully) love—this time in Atlanta.
Lucille Ball is getting the biopic treatment thanks to Aaron Sorkin, with Nicole Kidman reported to be leading the cast of "Being the Ricardos" on the Amazon Prime Video movie.
The "Die Hard" actor has spoken out after he was photographed in a Rite Aid without a face covering.
"Jeopardy!" has started to release its roster of the guest hosts who will be presenting the game show after Ken Jennings following the death of Alex Trebek.
The British socialite is again asking for bail just weeks after one accuser said she was 'behind bars, where she belongs.'
"That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime" has returned for Season 2, with the first episodes available to watch online for free now.
The company said that it was banning the President for a minimum of seven days "in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence."
Comedy, family, action and horror films are all queued up for your 2021 viewing.
Filmed in November but posted only recently, the video shows two women being handcuffed and taken from the airport by police. The TikTokker said that other people on their flight said the two weren't wearing masks and had assaulted a flight attendant.
The actress previously played the comedy icon in a "Will & Grace" tribute episode.
Meghan Markle's sister has been targeted by one-star reviews calling her biography a "waste of money"—days before its publication date on Sunday.
"How many more will die in the service of this mediocrity? And watch, he'll burn the WH down before he goes," Midler tweeted Tuesday.
A viral TikTok capturing the exchange has received over 4 million views, with many people supporting the student for speaking out.
Colbert joked that Trump is "just getting Kayleigh McEnany to write his tweets on poster board and hold them out by the underpass."
"Bridgerton" Season 2 is reportedly set to go into production in spring, but it might not be officially greenlit until later in the year.
"Bridgerton" may not have been renewed by Netflix yet, but its showrunner has hinted that the show could be a long-running one that could break a major Netflix record.
"I mean, how dare you salaciously gossip about this woman after she 'Be Best' for you!'" Meyers joked on Monday's installment of "Late Night with Seth Meyers."
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Scotland despite warnings from the Scottish government about the "major impact" of COVID restrictions, newly released emails show.
"Lupin" on Netflix is a heist drama set mostly in the present day, but at its heart is a classic French book that is over 100 years old.
The conservative network is facing competition from its liberal competitors and it the attack at Capitol Hill has contributed to the ratings win.
"The Resident" Season 4 is finally coming to Fox in early 2021, with episodes available to watch online soon after they air on a number of streaming services.