A tweet showing the "God Save the Queen" singer wearing a pro-Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' T-shirt is doing the rounds on Twitter.
The former pro wrestler's "first-ever (public) presidential endorsement" immediately went viral when it was posted.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have faced calls to be stripped of their titles after their U.S. election comments but are fans right to claim Queen Elizabeth II has been political in the past too?
"Ratched" on Netflix tries to be an origin story of the iconic villain Nurse Ratched from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," but makes a few changes to the character along the way.
"Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" may no longer have white actors play non-white roles—though its most major Black character will not be recast until later in the season.
Despite the fact that Johnson previously identified as a Republican, voting for Trump was never an option for the former wrestler.
"Lovecraft Country" Episode 7 saw Hippolyta blasted through time and space, including a passage that saw her dancing with the real-life icon Josephine Baker.
"Fargo" Season 4 is now airing on FX and features an all-new cast including Chris Rock, Timothy Oliphant and Jason Schwartzman.
"The Simpsons" Season 32 is the Fox show's first after their pledge to stop having white actors voice characters like Apu, Carl and Dr. Hibbert.
"I've seen you in those hearings, and in my opinion you're a certified badass," Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson told Senator Kamala Harris.
Gleeson and Jeff Daniels lead a stacked cast in a Showtime dramatization of James Comey's 2018 memoir, "A Higher Loyalty."
"The Comey Rule" is airing over the next two nights on Showtime, with some major actors playing James Comey, Donald Trump and other major players in the White House and FBI in 2016.
Every championship will be defended this Sunday.
The premiere of the 46th season of "Saturday Night Live" is only a week away.
Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans go one-on-one this Friday.
A new reports claims that Snyder's budget to finish his version of the superhero epic has ballooned.
The Kentucky incident may make you think twice about in-store shopping.
In a video posted to her Instagram, the rapper called out people who defend the charges in the Breonna Taylor case.
The long-awaited reunion follows its predecessors "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Bride Part II" from 1991 and 1995, respectively.
"Not seeing a face that looks like mine is very discouraging," she said in her eviction speech on Thursday night.
It came in defense of another comment some deemed offensive.
The Netflix film, also starring Felicity Jones and Kyle Chandler, is headed to Netflix this December.
Bryant Johnson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's longtime personal trainer, honored the late trailblazer with pushups before her casket as she lay in state in the U.S. Capitol.
In a Thursday all-hands meeting, Zuckerberg addressed the ruling for the officers in Breonna Taylor's killing and spoke about issues the social network has faced recently.
The song originally dropped in 2014.
Here's why the "Tiger King" star may cry while dancing.
A lawyer for 1970s rock group sent Murray a humorous cease-and-desist letter for using their music without permission.
And of course he's rocking his signature aviators.
The rapper tweeted a photo of a supposed 2020 hoodie that says "Kanye 2020 Vision," but there's nowhere you can buy it yet.