In Dubai, the punishment for being gay is up to 10 years in prison.
The "Growing Up Chrisley" star's daughter Savannah Chrisley also shared a bible verse in support of her father.
Two commercials were banned on Wednesday in the U.K. that promoted "harmful" gender stereotypes.
Fans shared pictures, quotes and their favorite Nipsey Hussle song lyrics to commemorate California rapper on what would have been his 34th birthday.
They both had pre-show relationships, but one has been openly honest about it.
According to a former "Bachelor In Paradise" star, beach-goers aren't supposed to mingle before the show begins filming.
"I think I didn't value myself enough throughout this experiment, and that really hindered my experience early on."
Based on the beloved fantasy series, the cast for Amazon's adaptation of "The Wheel of Time" is expanding.
"I don't care what happens this is going to be my song. Period.'"
A photo of Jessica Simpson's daughter went viral on Wednesday after social media users mom-shamed the singer and entrepreneur for the way she apparently strapped the baby into her stroller.
Channel 4 has secured Love Productions' "The Great British Bake Off" for at least three more series.
A few surprise guests will also perform during the concert.
He had planned to launch his homemade, steam-powered rocket 5,000 feet into the air.
"I just want to be known as the guy that did everything he could to to make everything and everyone around him better."
"Steven Avery has numerous issues pending before the appellate court that could reverse his conviction and result in a new trial being granted."
Four Loko, which has a lofty reputation for getting customers inebriated with its monster-sized malt drink, is entering the hard seltzer game.