Deep-fried turkey can save a chef of any experience level hours of hassle. However, it does present a unique set of challenges of its own and can lead to burns, grease fires and all-out explosions of one does not take the necessary precautions.
The Pixar movie is currently streaming on Netflix, but Disney+ viewers will get it as a late Thanksgiving present.
Read on for gravy recipes from four popular food bloggers that will have your dinner guests gushing over the turkey this Thanksgiving.
The 9-piece boy band have made a comeback with a new 10-track album featuring "addictive, heavy beats" and a "dark charisma."
From veggie pot pie to pumpkin butter, there's no shortage of festive plant-based options for your Thanksgiving feast.
"Frozen 2" may have only just been released in cinemas, but Disney+ subscribers are already wondering when the sequel will be dropped onto the streaming service.
"Knives Out" delivers a shocking and surprising finale where Benoit Blanc finally reveals 'whodunnit' when the person who killed Harlan Thrombey at the start of the movie is revealed.
"If Midge were a comedian today, she'd be doing similar things to what Ali Wong is doing. I could watch her all day."
"Riverdale" Season 4 is taking another break this week, with Episode 8 "In Treatment" due to air in December on The CW and Netflix. Here's why.
Farrow tweeted the image on Tuesday, writing: "@realDonaldTrump tell your sons that animal cruelty is now a crime."
"NCIS" Season 17, Episode 10 will see Ziva David return for the first of two episodes. Cote de Pablo and the "NCIS" cast and crew have revealed a number of details from the upcoming CBS two-parter.
The Taiwanese-Canadian star collapsed while filming "Chase Me" on Wednesday morning.
Banks, including The Federal Reserve, are closed on Thanksgiving Day but other banking options are available.
"Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Opry" will take viewers on the singer's five-decade history of performing at the iconic music theater.
Expect to see new items for sale in your favorite musicians' online stores when the rule governing album sales and chart rankings goes into effect on January 3.
There more Disney and Marvel favorites on the way.