Sure, you love your dog and cat, but some of their care puts you in a time crunch. These 15 pet products can free up your schedule while keeping them happy.
"That's cheating my eyes aren't ready for this difficulty level at five in the morning," raged one Twitter user.
A German shepherd has set a new record for a 60-year-old breeding program in the U.K. after giving birth 16 puppies in November.
"That kid would not stand a chance," one person on Reddit warned, while another added he could "kill the guy and the couch at the same time."
Taylor Sheridan's period western "1883" is taking a week off, but it will be back on Paramount+ soon. Here's the schedule for the rest of the season.
Should you do cardio before or after weights if you're looking to build muscle? Newsweek asked the experts their thoughts on the age old fitness dilemma.
Cats make wonderful family pets and are the star of many internet memes, but how much do you know about their special talents?Newsweek asked the experts.
"This is why middle class and lower Americans are not having kids, we simply cannot afford them," one commenter wrote.
"She was making moves on your husband right in front of you so I can see why you did what you did," one commenter wrote.
"They know it's easier to lure you back than train a new person," one commenter wrote.
The legendary "Bat Out of Hell" singer passed away Thursday night at the age of 74 surrounded by family and friends.
The Redditor told Newsweek he began looking for a new job not long after he received notice that he was to return to the office.
"Why should someone else need to stop giving a child lunch money because your spawn is unhappy? That is not how the world works," one commenter said.
"This made me cry," a TikToker commented. "This video is so pure."
"[E]ach word weighed towards the goal of getting something out of me," the musician told Newsweek.
"I understand accidents happen but he can sue if glass had gotten on his eyes or something," one commenter said.
"I felt a rough texture on the thigh part of my tongue—and when I looked in the mirror it had started growing leg hair!" Cameron Newsom said.
The challenge encourages participants to eat a single chip "made with the hottest peppers on the planet," and wait as long as possible before drinking.
One commenter said that was their bras "every 1-2 months...when it looks or smells dirty."
"Sounds like a round of burnt popcorn and fish and chips in the microwave is in order," said one commenter.
The engineering manager now stands just one win away from equalling Matt Amodio's 38 victories—joining him in second place on the all-time "Jeopardy!" ranking.
The younger Spears sibling has said that her memoir "Things I Should Have Said" is "not about" her sister.
"Tell me you've never studied the history of the Holocaust without telling me you've never studied the history of the Holocaust," one commenter said.
In a world of CGI and special effects, stunts in movies made a century ago were done in a different way.
"Talk about no boundaries. She's so transparently into your husband it's almost painful," said one commenter.
Peacock has released the first trailer for "Joe Vs Carole," its Joe Exotic drama based on the same events as Netflix smash "Tiger King."
"Imagine if men spent as much time trying to please their partners as they did looking at other women," remarked one commenter.
The groom told his friend he was "out of line" and had "embarrassed him" with the gag that opened his best man speech.
A video of a golden retriever following her owner around when she was off sick has been making many people smile.
This year will mark the launch of more than 25 new Korean shows on Netflix, its "largest number to date," the streamer said.