"Enola Homes" is now streaming and many viewers have found themselves charmed by Tewkesbury actor Louis Partridge, who some Netflix viewers may recognize from another show.
"The Kominsky Method" is coming back for one final season, but the Netflix show will be without one of its leads as Alan Arkin will not be returning as agent Norman Newlander.
"America's Got Talent" 2020 has now aired its finale, when the NBC show revealed who out of the 10 finalists was this year's AGT winner.
The U.S. President piled pressure on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as the couple faced calls in Britain to be stripped of their royal titles.
Gigi Hadid has given birth to her first baby girl, and she and partner Zayn Malik have shared images of their new daughter on social media.
"The Masked Singer" Season 4 premieres on Fox on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.
The "How to Be an Antiracist" author responds angrily to indictments against former police officer involved in Taylor's shooting
Writer Ibram X. Kendi responds angrily to indictments against former police officer involved in Taylor's shooting
He and the women are currently in Pennsylvania, according to Reality Steve.
"She was not a threat to any of those officers, yet she paid for their negligence with her life," Loralei HoJay told "Newsweek."
"The prospect of sex seems to be a roadblock for Karen and Miles. So for them it's important to establish other forms of affection and physical intimacy on a regular basis," Dr. Viviana Coles says in the "Married at First Sight" Season 11, episode 11 sneak peek.
Though fans will have to wait until (at least) next season to catch live opera at the Met, there are still some options for watching thrilling performances from your couch.
A snake catcher remarked that he felt like snakes "keep getting bigger" with recent catches he's made, including a venomous snake from a school.
The last season of the comedy series aired in 2016.
Arriving passengers at Helsinki Airport may have their sweat smelled by Kössi, or one of the other nine dogs which will soon be searching for COVID at the international airport.
Princess Diana struggled to adapt into the royal family, and being compared to Sarah Ferguson did not help.
Letterman's third season of the longform interview show will debut on October 21.
The Maplecroft Mansion where Lizzie Borden lived following her infamous murder trail is on the market.
On Twitter, the comedian claimed that members of the president's administration are giving stories about her to the tabloid.
Prince Andrew got away with 10 years of rudeness, partying and Thailand go go bars because of "privilege" while Meghan Markle and Prince Harry faced double standards, a royal author says.
Sayers only played for seven years, but was a celebrated player in his time on the field for the Chicago Bears.
"When I was growing up with a physical difference, I never saw girls like myself represented in the media," Pursely wrote on Facebook.
"Euphoria" is celebrating its recent Emmy wins by releasing a special episode on HBO that will tide fans over until the show can get back to filming Season 2.
Seventeen years after its first ranking of the 500 best LPs of all time, "Rolling Stone" has revamped its list, with Marvin Gaye dethroning the Beatles as the publication's No. 1.
"This is what our finest software engineering minds are working on at the moment," one Redditor commented.
"The Great British Baking Show" is now airing in the U.K., but American viewers will also soon be able to watch the 2020 season on Netflix.
Animal alongside his partner Hawk won tag team championships all over the world.
After a second night of dancing, two couples landed in the bottom two, leaving the decision up to the judges to decide who would go home and who would stay.
Parent company Mars Inc. unveiled the rice brand's new moniker on Wednesday.
Will indoor dining at 25 percent capacity be enough to keep restaurants afloat as temperatures begin to drop?