The seven-foot sword, the largest of its kind found in Japan, was found buried alongside a massive shield-like mirror, also thought to ward off evil.
Trump's book will include letters from Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, his publisher says. An expert told Newsweek "his behaviour has been so bizarre."
Fans criticized Sajak when he began waving a fake fish at Ashley Laumb after she had mentioned that she doesn't like the creatures during her Q&A.
The biggest night in the film industry is finally almost here, and the 2023 Academy Awards will be available for fans to watch on television and online.
Conservative commentator Owens has directed criticism at Zelensky in reaction to a report that he was pitched to appear at this weekend's Academy Awards.
"Wheel of Fortune" fans were divided as to whether the player should have been disqualified over the stunt.
Neve Campbell has played Sidney Prescott since 1996 but will not be starring the franchise's sixth outing.
"Luther" creator Neil Cross and "Fallen Sun" director Jamie Payne spoke to Newsweek about Alice Morgan's future in the franchise after she was left for dead.
Bookmakers are offering 4/5 odds on Harry and Meghan Markle traveling to Britain for Charles' coronation on May 6 amid a house eviction and christening drama.
The new book, "Letters to Trump," will share correspondence of celebrities' writing to the former president.
A widely-circulated post claims Gibson spoke of "satanic ritual ceremonies" in Hollywood, where participants drink children's blood and "eat their flesh."
Many had not met Bieber and based their observations on seeing her in public, and others said the criticism was coming from fans of rumored rival Selena Gomez.
"Outlast" producer Grant Kahler has told Newsweek that it would be "really interesting" to see the cast of the show reunite to hash out all their issues.
The site, far from human habitation, today and in Roman times, is unusual because of the amount of coins and the location.
William and Kate have thanked readers of "The Sun" newspaper for supporting a "fantastic campaign" for the British Red Cross amid Harry's ongoing lawsuit.
Former counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway is reportedly separating from her husband, George Conway.
Selena Gomez took a break from social media, but that did not stop millions of people rushing to take her side in the alleged feud.
The "Uncut Gems" star shared an insight into her brother Christopher Fox's life more than three years before his arrest on a series of charges.
The Boeing 777 disappeared in March 2014 during a flight from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing, and is the subject of a new Netflix documentary.
Kevin Durant, of the Phoenix Suns, tweaked his ankle during a warmup for his team's March 8 basketball game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
A video comparison of William and Diana has been viewed over 200,000 on the social media platform TikTok.
"Luther" creator Neil Cross and "The Fallen Sun" director Jamie Payne discussed the future of Idris Elba's character and what the film's ending means.
The christening of Harry and Meghan's daughter might seem like an uncontroversial affair, but it quickly blew up into a major debate on several fronts.
Charles described his mother as a "constant source of inspiration for us all."
Kaitlin Olson stars alongside Woody Harrelson in new comedy "Champions" alongside a group of actors with intellectual disabilities.
Zee was standing in 40mph winds by the Hudson River as she did a live cross, but some fans were more worried about how she looked on camera.
Paul Rogers told Newsweek the other ways in which 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' could have ended, and talked about the Oscars, deleted scenes, and more.
A compilation of clips shows the Prince and Princess of Wales perfectly in sync on royal engagements.
The TV personality previewed a clip of a recent "American Pickers" episode on TikTok, but he soon found himself defending the show.
Simon Case is under pressure to resign from the government over WhatsApp messages about COVID-19.