Timeless Season 2 Finale

'Timeless' Gets Two-Part Finale

"We’re thrilled to take the Lifeboat out for one last spin and bring closure to our story. ... You guys want to get Rufus back or what?"
Harry Potter's Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe

How Old is Harry Potter?

Evidence in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" helps fans to determine the wizard's exact birth date.

What Is MTV's 'Catfish Trolls?'

"I hope #CatfishTrolls, and my role in it, will help remind people that behind every social media account is a human being with a story."

The Lego Group Re-Creates Architectural Marvels

Rok Kobe and his team at the Lego Group are responsible for one of the company’s most ambitious projects, combining the Lego building system with some of the world’s finest architectural marvels.