The top 11 contestants went head-to-head in the first night of Fan Week.
Game of Thrones fans can see the show's creators accept a coveted international award after the controversial final season.
Ally Brooke may be the best dancer on the season, according to judge scores, but she may not have the biggest fan base.
Syed's effort to secure his freedom looks a lot like that of "Making a Murderer" subject Brendan Dassey.
"His Dark Materials" Episode 4 on HBO finally introduces armored bear Iorek Byrinson, played by a relative newcomer whose voice has appeared in a number of video games.
"Toy Story 4" is notably absent from the Disney+ movie line-up, but Woody and Buzz's latest movie adventure will be on the streaming service soon.
"The Irishman" is coming very soon to Netflix after the Martin Scorsese film played in cinemas earlier this month.
"The Mandalorian" Episode 3 introduced the Madalorian mantra "this is the way," which hints at events to come on the Disney+ series.
"Rick and Morty" Season 4 saw Elon Musk cameo in Episode 3 as his bizarre alter ego 'Elon Tusk' and the Tesla boss has a long history with the Adult Swim show.
Outraged fans of the late K-pop star have demanded new investigations into the actions of her ex-footballer former boyfriend.
"The Walking Dead" Season 10 showrunner Angela Kang has discussed what the Season 10 midseason finale means for the rest of the AMC show.
"The Walking Dead" Season 10 midseason finale saw AMC release the first details of spin-off "World Beyond," including the first cast information and a new trailer.
"All any of the artists, or really anyone in this room, wants is to create something that will last," Swift said. "Whatever it is in life."
Swift has been planning to re-record her old music next year.
The pair met on Facebook over a mutual love of beekeeping.
Fans aren't confident in the couple, according to Twitter conversations.