Some people defended the term, saying its a common sports term for an underdog victory, while others said that Zendaya was anything but an underdog for anyone who watched "Euphoria."
"Cobra Kai" may have been on Netflix for just under a month, but "The Karate Kid" spin-off series has already become one of the streamer's most popular shows.
What we know about a 'Passion of the Christ' sequel following a recent Jim Caviezel interview
Michelob Ultra will provide their new Chief Exploration Officer with a camper to explore several National Parks and document their adventures along the way.
Producer Yusuke Kinoshita tells Newsweek that "growth" and "bonds" are essential themes of Digimon.
The TV host and comedian welcomed a virtual audience to "The Ellen Degeneres Show" for the first episode of Season 18 Wednesday, with an apology filled monologue.
The rats were feasting on bird seeds on the Lower East Side.
The filter adapts to the user's face and allows them to see what they would look like as an anime character.
Queen Elizabeth II should revoke an honor given to Prince Andrew after the Jeffrey Epstein allegations emerged — unless he testifies against his pedophile friend, his biographer tells Newsweek.
"Attack on Titan" fans have been given conflicting reports about whether Season 4 of the anime show is still scheduled for fall or whether it has been postponed until 2021.
"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."
The President danced to the Village People hit for enthusiastic supporters at a campaign rally in Ohio on Monday.
"Manhunt: Deadly Games" is now airing on CBS and is telling the true story of the Olympic Park bombing in 1996 and how it affected the first suspect Richard Jewell and his mother, Bobi.
"I believe that there is not a family around that hasn't been touched by addiction in some way. So this song is really imagining what that might be like," Wilson told "Newsweek" about her new single "What I Would Say."
The Killers returned to television screens Monday night for the Monday Night Football playing the halftime show on a rooftop above the Las Vegas strip.
"The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" has become the latest show to be canceled by Netflix after only one season—though its creators have hinted it could return in another form.
"This is Us" Season 5 is due to start shooting this week, six months after the NBC show was last together filming. This means that Pearson fans should be able to watch the family again soon.
Frank confirmed the news of his mother's passing on Instagram today, writing: "This morning my brothers and I lost our mother Jackie Stallone."
Kate Middleton has won extensive edits to a disparaging article in U.K. society magazine Tatler but allegations of a rift with Meghan Markle over bridesmaids outfits remains online.
Fans will recognize many of them from NXT.
The challenger for The Street Profits will be determined tonight.
"Manhunt: Deadly Games" is currently airing on CBS, and tells the story of the bombing of the Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996 and the subsequent police investigations into Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolph.
Recently, vanity plates in the United States and Canada have been rejected for profane sentiments against COVID-19 and against the year 2020 at large.
Arnold probably would've preferred to be associated with a breakfast dish, rather than what he's actually famous for.
Reddit users are hoping that the RSVP card isn't real.
"The Eight Hundred" just surpassed the worldwide $424 million haul that "Bad Boys for Life" brought in earlier this year.
Feral pig populations are spreading to more states than ever, causing agricultural chaos and damaging local ecosystems.
Sometimes a little extra joy can be found in daily routines. A dance routine of three sanitation workers in Keansburg, New Jersey, was caught on video, and their joy is contagious.
Meghan Markle and a U.K. newspaper she is suing for privacy have been accused of "disproportionate" costs in a court fight over the breakdown of her relationship with her father.
"It's a lawless war zone being weaponized by well-dressed musicians," one person wrote on Twitter in response to the Department of Justice's claims.