Customer Caught on Camera Screaming at Drive-Thru Worker Over Sandwich

A Burger King customer was so irate at an employee that she exited her vehicle in the drive-thru and screamed until he closed the window and walked away.

The confrontation was documented in a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 290,000 times. The employee who posted the video goes by the account @austlnn and begins by saying how he's at his wit's end, threatening to quit his job.

Burger King
A sign is posted in front of a Burger King restaurant on February 15, 2022, in Daly City, California. A Burger King employee recently had an altercation with a customer and posted the incident on TikTok. Justin Sullivan/Getty

The video then shows the employee walking toward the drive-thru window. A voice off-camera can be heard yelling, "Open the f—ing window!" while banging on the glass.

"I need the f—ing information so write it the f— down," she tells him. The employee, who says he is the shift manager, instructs the customer to call corporate.

The female customer, who is also recording the conversation, asks what his problem is and then makes a mention of a female employee laughing off-camera. The employee asks her what her problem is.

He has enough and attempts to close the window, only for her to stick her hand in and reopen it. He closes it again and they each exchange expletives.


#fyp ur done ur done, i don’t get paid enough 🚗

♬ original sound - austin

The employee explains that the woman ordered a two for $4 deal. And even though she ordered a sausage and bacon breakfast croissant sandwich, which does not normally qualify for the deal, the employee showed on the computer screen how he tried to give her a deal.

However, the computer system detected that the order was not consistent with the two for $4 deal and rejected the order. When the employee allegedly told the customer that, she allegedly responded that she makes the same order almost daily and gets the discount.

"She went around the whole store honking her horn; went to the speaker and was talking mad s—," the employee said of the customer's response.

Aside from responses poking fun at the customer opening the drive-thru window, other TikTok users praised the employee for standing his ground. Some couldn't believe that another person was upset about not having bacon or paying a couple extra bucks.

"I love how the younger generations are dismantling the idea that customers are always right," one person said.

"Customers always be pulling out the 'i get it all the time' card just to get their way," another said.

"i work at burger king, and honestly dealing with peoples attitude is exhausting and we dont get paid enough," another person said.

Unfortunately, altercations at fast food joints and other restaurants are all too common. Some, like this episode at the Burger King, are menial compared to other situations that have resulted in serious injury or even death.

Two sisters are facing homicide charges for allegedly shooting a restaurant server in the face in January following an argument over food service.

The same month, a female McDonald's employee was reportedly shot in the chest in northern St. Louis, Missouri, following an unspecified altercation with a customer.

Meanwhile, fast food employees are often working in conditions that are unsterile, especially in the age of the pandemic. Researchers from UCLA and UC Berkeley stated that 25 percent of fast food workers who took the survey said that they had contracted COVID-19 and 50 percent reported having known a co-worker who had gotten the disease, the Daily Bruin reported.

Newsweek reached out to Burger King's parent company, RBI, for comment.

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