Customers Get Revenge on Driver Who Parked 'Like an A**' in Viral Video

A group of customers got their revenge on a driver who parked "like an a**" in a now-viral video.

The video was posted to TikTok on January 28 by John (@johnnymarocco). In the video, viewers can see that a group of people has placed shopping carts around a Mercedes that is parked in-between two spots.

So far, the post has racked up more than 2 million views and over 98,000 likes. The post also received over 5,000 comments, many from people who agreed that the shoppers were right to be angry with the Mercedes owner.

Others, however, defended the driver's parking job and argued that their intent may have been to protect their car from being damaged—an excuse that's been used by past drivers in similar situations.

"This is what happens when you park like an a**," read the post's caption.

As previously mentioned, the Mercedes in the video is surrounded by shopping carts on all sides. Someone used sidewalk chalk to write "it's not a Bentley" and "small penis" on the ground near the car.

Meanwhile, a person can be seen writing "d**chebag parking" on the ground as John walks by.

In the comments section of the post, John claimed that he had nothing to do with the scene.

"[T]his wasn't me I was just walking by but everyone that came out of the store that went to return their carts would add theirs in front of the car," he wrote.

The Mercedes owner in John's video isn't the first driver to make headlines in recent years for occupying two parking spaces. For example, Kevin McWhinney, a Ferrari owner in Antrim, Northern Ireland made the news in 2017 after he received a ticket for using two parking spaces to park his car, despite having paid for both spaces.

That same year, a Vauxhall Astra owner named Luke Varley went viral after a photo of his double-parked car was shared on Facebook.

Both men went on record to defend their parking etiquette, explaining that they each took two spaces to prevent their vehicles from being scratched and/or dented.

"If I left it in the space and a car pulled up on either side of it I wouldn't be able to get in and out of it," McWhinney told The Independent. "It's about not wanting to get dents in the car. I previously had a BMW that was dented in a hotel car park and the hotel paid for the repairs in the end."

Similarly, Varley blamed his parking on the "amount of clowns who can't park or drive," according to the BBC.

Some of John's viewers argued that, like Varley and McWhinney, the Mercedes owner likely wanted to protect his car against "a-holes" who open their car doors too quickly.

"[If] a-holes [didn't] swing their doors wide open hitting a nice car and causing a few thousand in damage maybe then two spots wouldn't be needed," wrote PleaseWakeUpPeople.

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A group of customers got their revenge on a driver who parked “like an a**” in a now-viral video. While many viewers were angry, several came to the defense of the driver. Fahroni/istock